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Definitions and meanings of "Deviated"

What do we mean by deviated?

To go off course from; to change course; to change plans.

To fall outside of, or part from, some norm; to stray.

To cause to diverge.

A pervert's pervert Urban Dictionary

Deviate: 1. To turn aside from a set course or route. 2. To veer off the intended path. 3. To stray away or differ from the original plan or purpose. Urban Dictionary

Invented by Jark, Spyed and Matteo of - the largest online community of art anywheres. Artists on the site are known as "Deviants" and the artworks they produce (which can fall into so many categories, that the word "art" is not broad enough) are called "Deviations" Urban Dictionary

The action of departing from an established course or accepted standard. Urban Dictionary

1. Any person who will try to capitalise on every opportunity that presents itself that has even the slightest hint of a sexual nature. 2. A person who does not take the legal age bracket into consideration when trying to score 3. A person who will engage in sexual intercourse with anything. Urban Dictionary

To devise, or plot a scheme of wholly evil intent. Urban Dictionary

Disorder of the nose involving displacement of the nasal septum. A condition in which the cartilage that divide the nasal cavity in half is off center or crooked! Urban Dictionary

The overdrive of qi-energy within one's body with results in explosion of organs and bleeding from all points of human body. This term comes from Anciet Chinese medicine and was popularised by danmei fandom. Term is used on Anciet Chinese Gay Fantasy twitter to express strong feelings such as exhaustion, exasperation and intens fangirling and just dieing for your favorite content. Urban Dictionary

The best and only Irish kung foo movie. So bad it never had a theatrical release and can be viewed on youtube. Starring real-life martial arts enthusiast James Bennett and Mickey Graham from Boyzone. Urban Dictionary

What happens to your ass after a hot, rough night of anal lovin' Urban Dictionary

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The word "deviated" in example sentences

People were so upset about the Twilight movie when it deviated from the book. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Right away, I could see that the problem was almost perfect, because the students started discussing the issues right away and never deviated from the task — which is highly unusual in my classes, which seem to attract the group-work skeptics. ❋ Unknown (2009)

PSD simply breed mistrust, are divisive, and talk to officers as though they are living saints and that the system works, and they never did anything that in any way deviated from the barmy ideas we now work under. ❋ Inspector Gadget (2010)

Why has NAD deviated from the courts in treating falsity/puffery? ❋ Rebecca Tushnet (2009)

At times certain Euro cultures deviated from the standard (the French during the 1600's are no exception) but - on the whole, the party line trotted out is so far from the truth; And, if nobody bathed, why did the victorians turn out such beautiful marble washtstands basins and pitchers for this purpose? ❋ Unknown (2009)

No but seriously, Matt should print out the article and frame it and put it on the wall so when that fascist Jennifer Palmeri comes storming into the blog center with her jackboot thugs b/c Matt has deviated from the ideological line of the day, he can point to it and tell her to back off, man! ❋ Unknown (2009)

I always thought the alien in The Thing was great, because at its heart, it deviated from the 'actors with bumps on their forehead' sort of approach you get in movies so much. ❋ Unknown (2010)

AR: Biohell is a story about vanity technology gone wrong, which finally ends in deviated machine-gun toting zombies. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The degree to which "Bush deviated from the Reagan Republican vision in spending, regulation and in empire," is the degree to which such a vision never existed in the first place. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Honestly, if Millar had the comfort to say that 70% was in, than he knows they deviated from the other 30% … even the author said 1/3 of the movie will be different. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I am glad they deviated from the source on this one … I just don; t think anyone, but the fan boys, would have been interested in seeing the villians in the FIRST movie .. this first shot at it is to introduce Wesley … I see the followup movies being AMAZING .. and yes I said Followup MOVIE'S '… ❋ Unknown (2008)

But the reason why I defend Bay is because I rather watch a good movie that has deviated from the source material, than watch a bad movie that has stayed true to the source material. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Davis 'support for the Foyers du Soldat program deviated from the Wilson ❋ Unknown (2008)

Most venereal-disease anxiety sufferers had "frequently deviated from the accepted moral standards" of their premilitary life by engaging in pre - and extramarital sex, and many had previously been treated for a sexually transmitted disease. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Aww come on guys, the Lensman anime was fascinating to watch for how far it deviated from the original storyline. ❋ Unknown (2007)

In any case, it wouldn't be the first time that constitutional practice deviated from the original understanding. ❋ Unknown (2006)

[this guy] is [more than] [perverted]...he's a deviate! ❋ Pussy Bee (2019)

although they were expecting [the film] representation to "deviate" from the true events, as they had actually occurred- [none of them] had expected MTV to edit and [manipulate] the story to such extremes. ❋ TWiSTiDLiTTiLFUCK (2007)

A [submitted] a [new] deviation at [deviantart] ❋ Kroc Camen (2004)

There was little [deviation] from his [usual] [routine]. ❋ Fastasf**kboi (2019)

eg.1 check out the deviate hitting on your [little sister] eg.2 that's [the fifth] fugly [crag] has hit on tonight, what a deviate ❋ Decepti - Kun (2005)

"Deeeeeeeeeeeevvvviate!" "[Come] [my friend], let us [deviate]. Mwhahahahaha!" ❋ Them (2004)

My [aunt] has a deviated septum ❋ Emily Mcmanus (2013)

Mio: oh my dianxia, I'll go in full [qi-deviation] if [donghua] shows us scene with topless [San Lang]. Run: The last chapter was full of knifes, I was near to qi-deviet ❋ Liuqinggeownsmyass (2019)

[I just] [used] my [fatal deviation]... ❋ Pi-Ant (2010)

[gavin's] [8-incher] left cliff with a [deviated rectum] that now needs some repairin' ❋ Catfight12 (2009)

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