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Definitions of "devices"

  • Plural form of device. noun
  • an inclination or desire; used in the plural in the phrase `left to your own devices' noun

The word "devices" in example sentences

Create and attach EBS volumes: devices = $ (perl - e 'for$i ( "h" .. "k") ' | head - $volumes) devicearray = ($devices) volumeids =. [Planet Ubuntu]

Create and attach EBS volumes: devices = $ (perl - e 'for$i ( "h" .. "k") {for$j ( "" ,1..15) {print "/dev/sd$i$j\n"}}' | head - $volumes) devicearray = ($devices) volumeids =. [Planet Ubuntu]

The draw back to the devices is the noise they create, since the muzzle blast is coming back at you instead of away from you.. [The History of the .338 Winchester Magnum]

It’s the only way in which the reduced size of the devices is a hindrance, rather than a blessing.. [Reflective Surface - Mobility]

Perhaps, but there are many times and places where accessing those devices is difficult, if not dangerous, or impossible.. [November « 2009 « L.E. Modesitt, Jr. – The Official Website]

TSMC's chips are used in devices ranging from mobile phones to video games to computers.. [Taiwan's TSMC Reports Profit Jump Of 54%]

The word reader took on new meaning in devices such as the iPhone, Sony E-Reader, Kindle and Nook, not to be confused with the Vook, a one-screen blend of book and video.. [Decade in books: Writers work magic, delivery has transformed]

Roz Ho, leader of the Microsoft team behind the Kin, said the company has been working on the Kin devices for several years, trying to create a handset for people who especially want to connect with others over social websites such as Facebook.. [Next, a Kin: Microsoft to try new consumer phones]

Batteries contained in devices can also overheat and ignite if the device inadvertently turns on.. [Battery Safety Fight: Pilots Take On Big Business After Deadly Crash]

Lithium-ion batteries are common in devices like laptops but will be relatively new for autos.. [Nissan Shows Tiny Electric Concept Vehicle (VIDEO)]

Control4, a company that develops software to integrate home systems and household devices, is betting that mobile apps will be a huge player in the integrated household of the future.. [Apps That Help You Manage Your Life]

As the article suggests, the manufacture of electronic devices is a far from clean industry.. [Books, Ebooks and the Environment « Tales from the Reading Room]

Less warheads and delivery devices is sort of cool.. [Think Progress » Rep. Nunes calls Hill aides ‘staff thugs,’ compares Pelosi to Saddam Hussein and Robert Mugabe.]

Jonas noticed that the need for such devices is growing faster than ever before, which is the reason for creating such an original design.. [Small Space Office Table by Jonas & Jonas]

Apple is seeking to ban imports of the devices from the world's largest mobile phone maker, including products that use the Symbian and S40 operating systems.. [ITC Staff Sides With Nokia in Apple Patent Dispute]

One of the fascinating plot devices is the fact that a “stolen” umbrella ultimately caused such complications for the two intertwined families.. [The End of Time — It’s Complicated : Bev Vincent]

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  • PronunciationsD IH0 V AY1 S AH0 Z
  • Character7
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