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    It was a beautiful dewey morning on september 14 and he began rattling out of nowhere my dad saw the deer. my brother shouldered his savage 99 lever action .308 and he squezzed the trigger.. [My first deer]

    The worst part was that I could see his trail in the dewey grass and he had walked directly out from under my stand.. [Anybody have any good "oh $hit" moments when distracted while hunting?]

    The claim is always the steel (or dewey) will damage the barrel.. [I have used one piece Dewey cleaning rods for years and have no complaints.]

    I get up early to water some plants in my own garden and to let the chickens out while everything's dewey and cool and inside the family's still sleeping.. [Garden Goddess for Hire]

    Though it would have made sense, considering this is the High School Musical Awards, to have Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens serve as masters of ceremony they were, after all, the dewey, high-school-musical age stars of Disney's "High School Musical" instead, the evening's host was morning television personality Kathie Lee Gifford.. [Tribute to High School Musicals]

    At least have something from the dewey decimal system to identify yourself as vintage.. [Regretsy – Paper Fail]

    Iy just won't be the same as the first … (** sigh**) i mean, think about it! the first ones theme is about dewey finn illegally teaching kids to play music … and now we've got him LEGALLY taking kids on a cross-country feild trip … …. i wouldn't go to it if i didn't love the first so much .. really sounds like a money-maker to me jackblackkingkong on Jun 13, 2009. [It's Official - School of Rock 2: America Rocks Moving Forward! «]

    See you there--hope they use some forbidden dewey decimal up in them stacks!. [Ooh la la!]

    Paul Monroe of Columbia University and another education guy, whose big contribution was the encyclopedia of education, he with dewey defined our school system to be like the soviet schoo system. put them in boxes control their world experience and mold their minds through the whole process preventing real world experience;. [Robert Gibbs and Obama: no more Mr. nice guy]

    Another "dewey beats truman" headline sounds like to me lol mitch from ark.. [Poll of polls: Obama losing ground]

    It gives your skin a healthy, dewey, gorgeous look.. [Renata Helfman: Pretty Is As Pretty Does]

    It is those we have to worry about, not a few "exaggerated by internet" attacks on our fellow Jewish countrymen. dewey democratic eyes. [On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...]

    Again, I understand that only frontrunner Hillary takes campaign contributions from corporations with agendas (Telecoms etc.), while Senators Obama, Dodd, and Edwards (yes, it's okay to still call him by his former title), well, they only get contributions from the piggy banks of poor children who look to them alone to help them realize their shared dewey-eyed American dream.. [Hillary Says She Would Support Filibuster Of Intel Committee's Telecom Immunity Bill]

    I know that you are probably one of those who thinks the Clinton years (with their holdovers, Al Gore and Hillary) were the low point in Democratic history, that there is no difference between Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton, and that Obama and Edwards raised all that cash from little dewey-eyed children who broke open their piggy banks to get BO or JRE to help them realize their American dream.. [Hillary Spokesman: She Won Because New Hampshire Voters "Liked What They Saw"]

    Staggeringly, because it has this patina of being somehow democratic because anyone can join in, the dewey-eyed Obama generation somehow thinks this equates to certifiable authority or valuable credence.. [On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...]

    That's because it still hasn't quite dawned on all of those 'tearful and dewey-eyed' Obama supporters yet that it is going to be 'business as usual' in the USA.. [Smoking Guns and the Morality of Parliamentary Privilege]

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