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What do we mean by deyer?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word deyer. Define deyer, deyer synonyms, deyer pronunciation, deyer translation, English dictionary definition of deyer.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Deyer

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The word "deyer" in example sentences

I hope deyer well, Brer Bull-frog, kaze dis day you got some bizness wid me w'at'll las 'you a mighty long time.' ❋ Frederick Stuart (1881)

Some folks wanter make out deyer frogs, yit I wish dey p'int out unter me how frogs kin holler so dat de nigher you come t'um, de furder you is off; I be mighty glad ef some un 'ud come 'long en tell me dat. ❋ Joel Chandler Harris (1878)

Let 'lone dat, ef I keep on gittin' skeerder en skeerder, you better gimme room, 'kaze ef I can't git' way fum dar somebody gwine ter git hurted, en deyer gwine ter git hurted bad. ❋ Joel Chandler Harris (1878)

Brer Rabbit say dey ain't no danger er dat, 'kaze he one er deze yer kinder mens w'en dey er kotch once deyer kotch fer good. ❋ Joel Chandler Harris (1878)

Ef I beats you dis time den de fish, deyer mine; ef I gits beated, den we kin take 'n'er trial.' ❋ Joel Chandler Harris (1878)

Keep yo 'head studdy, now; mine yo' eye; I ain't sayin 'deyer any boogers anywhars. ❋ Joel Chandler Harris (1878)

Deze yer gooses, "he continued, wiping the crumbs from his beard with his coat-tail," is mighty kuse fowls; deyer mighty kuse. ❋ Joel Chandler Harris (1878)

Some did en some didn't, en dem w'at did, dey look like deyer mighty fergitful. ❋ Joel Chandler Harris (1878)

Dey kin walk biggity, en dey kin talk biggity, en mo'n dat, dey kin feel biggity, but yit all de same deyer gwine ter git kotch up wid. ❋ Joel Chandler Harris (1878)

Dat ar chick'n fixin's, dey look lak deyer good, yet 'taint familious wid me lak dat ar bile ham. ❋ Joel Chandler Harris (1878)

Deyer dat ripe, 'sez ole Brer Rabbit, sezee,' dat dey look like deyer done melt tergedder, en I speck you'll fine um full er bugs, but you kin take dat fine bushy tail er yone, Brer Fox, 'sezee,' en bresh dem bugs away. ' ❋ Joel Chandler Harris (1878)

W'en you en me en dish yer chile yer wants 'simmons, we goes out en shakes de tree, en ef deyer good en ripe, down dey comes, en ef deyer good en green, dar dey stays. ❋ Joel Chandler Harris (1878)

Brer Rabbit say dey aint no danger er dat, 'kaze he one er deze yer kinder mens w'en dey er kotch once deyer kotch fer good. ❋ Joel Chandler Harris (1878)

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