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In the field of optics, transparency (also called pellucidity or diaphaneity) is the physical property of allowing light to pass through the material without being scattered. On a macroscopic scale (one where the dimensions investigated are much larger than the wavelength of the photons in question), the photons can be said to follow Snell's Law. Translucency (also called translucence or translucidity) is a superset of transparency: it allows light to pass through, but does not necessarily (again, on the macroscopic scale) follow Snell's law; the photons can be scattered at either of the two interfaces, or internally, where there is a change in index of refraction. In other words, a translucent medium allows the transport of light while a transparent medium not only allows the transport of light but allows for image formation. Transparent materials appear clear, with the overall appearance of one color, or any combination leading up to a brilliant spectrum of every color. The opposite property of translucency is opacity. When light encounters a material, it can interact with it in several different ways. These interactions depend on the wavelength of the light and the nature of the material. Photons interact with an object by some combination of reflection, absorption and transmission. Some materials, such as plate glass and clean water, transmit much of the light that falls on them and reflect little of it; such materials are called optically transparent. Many liquids and aqueous solutions are highly transparent. Absence of structural defects (voids, cracks, etc.) and molecular structure of most liquids are mostly responsible for excellent optical transmission. Materials which do not transmit light are called opaque. Many such substances have a chemical composition which includes what are referred to as absorption centers. Many substances are selective in their absorption of white light frequencies. They absorb certain portions of the visible spectrum while reflecting others. The frequencies of the spectrum which are not absorbed are either reflected or transmitted for our physical observation. This is what gives rise to color. The attenuation of light of all frequencies and wavelengths is due to the combined mechanisms of absorption and scattering.Transparency can provide almost perfect camouflage for animals able to achieve it. This is easier in dimly-lit or turbid seawater than in good illumination. Many marine animals such as jellyfish are highly transparent. .

What does the word diaphanously mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word diaphanously in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with diaphanously and anagrams of diaphanously.

Definitions of "diaphanously"

  • In a diaphanous manner or to a diaphanous extent adverb
  • Translucently. adverb
  • Transparently.

The word "diaphanously" in example sentences

Ms. Chapman is the designer behind the five-year-old fashion label, Marchesa, famous for clinging diaphanously to the hips of red carpet-walkers such as Sienna Miller, Scarlett Johansen and Penelope Cruz among a litany of other A-listers.. [All in the Family, by Design: Georgina Chapman Buys Jane St. Condo with her Brother]

Stories are embedded within stories like Russian dolls, encompassing ­every narrative genre from ­instructive fable to swashbuckling adventure to diaphanously veiled pornography.. [Old Tales That Still Seduce]

The faceted walls dimmed; in front of me they melted, diaphanously, like a gelatinous wall in a blast of flame; through their vanishing, under the torrent of driving light, the unthinkable, impalpable tornado, I began to move, slowly — then ever more swiftly!. [The Moon Pool]

This woman, diaphanously cloaked and sensu-ously madeup, represented an entirely more complex challenge.. [The Chronicles of Riddick]

"Oh, all of it," she said, and lifted her book, showing a cover with a familiar castle and a diaphanously attired princess.. [Asimov's Science Fiction]

Daphne and I both wore gossamer white, and pretended we were naiads or is it dryads? floating diaphanously about.. [Dreaming of the Bones]

And that's why your legends always give fairies butterfly wings instead of beetle wings which are much more diaphanously beautiful.. [The Complete Stories Vol 1]

It featured a delicate-looking Conan with a diaphanously draped damsel throwing her arms around his neck as he warded off a flying attacker with an ineffectual knife.. [The Conan Chronicles]

Color developed in the air, swirling diaphanously.. [Robot Adept]

Bee likes to make a dramatic entrance, and often relates in tones of positive awe how she once saw a Frenchwoman in an opera-cloak composed entirely of white tulle run the whole length of the Grand Opera House in Paris in order to make the tulle, which was cut to resemble wings, float out diaphanously behind her.. [At Home with the Jardines]

Her hair hung down her back like a girl's, and the white dressing-gown which floated diaphanously about her was unexpectedly reminiscent of Bond Street.. [The Great Impersonation]

The faceted walls dimmed; in front of me they melted, diaphanously, like a gelatinous wall in a blast of flame; through their vanishing, under the torrent of driving light, the unthinkable, impalpable tornado, I began to move, slowly -- then ever more swiftly!. [The Moon Pool]

The story of the summarily interrupted revel in Marietta had, of course, leaked out in detail -- "Muriel doesn't mean to tell every one she knows," said Gloria to Anthony, "but she thinks every one she tells is the only one she's going to tell" -- and, diaphanously veiled, the tale had been given a conspicuous place in Town Tattle.. [The Beautiful and Damned]

Durham, to his alarm-clock -- even to a rather shocking collection of pictures of chorus-girls and diaphanously-clad dancers which was pasted inside the double drawer on the right side of the desk.. [The Job An American Novel]

Soon after five o'clock there was a brilliant crowd wandering and resting in the pleasant spaces; and Ethel, wearing a diaphanously white robe and carrying a rush basket full of white carnations, was moving among them distributing the flowers.. [The Man Between: An International Romance]

"For heaven's sake, what are you giggling at?" snapped the longest, slimmest, most abnormal dryad, diaphanously draped in yellow, when she could gasp out an intelligible sentence after an exhausting bout of agony.. [Winnie Childs The Shop Girl]

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