Definitions of "Diffusion"

The process of diffusing or the condition of being diffused. noun

The scattering of incident light by reflection from a rough surface. noun

The transmission of light through a translucent material. noun

The spontaneous intermingling of the particles of two or more substances as a result of random thermal motion. noun

The spread of linguistic or cultural practices or innovations within a community or from one community to another. noun

The act of diffusing, or the state of being diffused. noun

A scattering, dispersion, or dissemination, as of dust or seed, or of animals or plants. noun

Propagation or spread, as of knowledge or doctrine. noun

Diffuseness; prolixity. noun

Conduction of heat. noun

Synonyms Spread, circulation, expansion, dissemination, distribution. noun

The word "Diffusion" in example sentences

The term diffusion applies both to dissemination of information about a new technology and dissemination of the technology itself; for instance, new cooking stoves. 1. Rural common property resources: a growing crisis.

I like to use reflected light as much as possible, and the source can be anything as long as the angle and diffusion is good. Sell A House With Creative Photo Lighting | Lifehacker Australia

Random diffusion is a type of stochastic process, so if the theory of cosmogenic drift is to be developed, and if observable predictions are to be derived from it, then it will be necessary to employ the mathematics of stochastic processes. Archive 2009-01-01

The simplest type of diffusion is Brownian motion, (also termed a Wiener process), which is a simple random walk in which the increments between random variables St have a normal distribution with a mean value of zero. Archive 2009-01-01

An ID proponent, citing Dembski in No Free Lunch, insists that diffusion is not possible inside of living cells. College professor: "Flunk the IDiots"

There is a need to anticipate technical characteristics - such as performance, cost, and diffusion - of new energy technologies such as photovoltaics, hydrogen production, and fuel cells; the long-term diffusion, transfer, and performance of these technologies depends on near-term RD&D and investment policies and decisions. Chapter 10

The rate of diffusion is determined by the difference between the tension in the blood and that in the surrounding tissue. Physiology or Medicine 1920 - Presentation Speech

We have direct evidence that only a small part of the acetylcholine so injected actually reaches the muscle end plates by diffusion from the vessels; and we argued that, in any case, it could not reach them simultaneously, but only in rapid succession; so that the response, in spite of its superficial resemblance to a rather slow twitch, must actually be Sir Henry Dale - Nobel Lecture

Thus Jefferson's early, eloquent denunciations of slavery (whether sincere or half-hearted) gave way to cheerleading for what he called "diffusion" -- the proposition that, if slavery were expanded into the western territories, it would somehow dilute itself and go away, never mind the cost to its victims in the meantime. Bookmarks

Considering the manner in which acetylcholine must reach the motor end plates of the muscle fibres, if it were indeed the transmitter of motor nerve excitation - that it must appear with a flash-like suddenness, in high concentration, simultaneously at every nerve ending - we concluded that the ordinary method of injecting acerylcholine, so that it reached the muscle by slow diffusion from the general circulation, could not possibly reproduce this abrupt appearance at the points responsive to its action. Sir Henry Dale - Nobel Lecture

Why should not He, whose are the silver and the gold, -- whose are the hearts of those called to the high duty of giving the word diffusion, -- yea, whose is that precious word itself, -- why should not he be acknowledged by all of them in vowing and swearing to Him, that they shall use faithfully the means of attaining the high end contemplated by them, which he has put into their hands to be employed for him? The Ordinance of Covenanting

27 He agreed that, as archaeologist Soper and Phillipson intimated previously, Kwale variants have been the result of "cultural diffusion from the East African to the southern region in the third to the sixth centuries AD," presumably from Kwale ware pottery manufacturers. 28 The illustration page included here reflects Chami's "transition" thesis. 29 Societies, Religion, and History: Central East Tanzanians and the World They Created, c. 200 BCE to 1800 CE

NIH Human Connectome Project/Visualization by Vaughan Greer Imaging techniques include a new method called diffusion magnetic resonance, and allows researchers for the first time to accurately map the white matter of nerve fibers. A New Look at the Brain

Researchers at 11 institutions are mapping the largest conduits among brain regions by combining four imaging techniques, including a new method called diffusion magnetic-resonance imaging that allows researchers for the first time to accurately map the white matter of nerve fibers. Probing the Brain's Mysteries

For example, you pair a H&M top at $14.99 with Tory Burch pants that cost $295 and a pair of Michael Michael Kors shoes his 2nd label, also called a diffusion line for $120. Mary Orlin: 20 High-Low Late Summer Wines

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