Definitions and meanings of "Digital"

What do we mean by digital?

Relating to or resembling a digit, especially a finger. adjective

Operated or done with the fingers. adjective

Having digits. adjective

Expressed in discrete numerical form, especially for use by a computer or other electronic device. adjective

Relating to or being a device that can generate, record, process, receive, transmit, or display information that is represented in discrete numerical form. adjective

Relating to or being a service that provides information expressed in discrete numerical form. adjective

Relating to or being a profession or activity that is performed using digital devices. adjective

Using or giving a reading in digits. adjective

Characterized by widespread use of computers. adjective

A key played with the finger, as on a piano. noun

One of those primaries, or quill-feathers, most commonly four in number, which are attached to the phalanges of the second and third digits of a bird's wing. noun

Of or pertaining to a digit or digits: as, the digital phalanges.

Resembling digits; digitate.

A digit; a finger or toe. noun

The fifth and last joint of the pedipalp of a spider. noun

One of the keys or finger-levers of instruments of the organ or piano class. noun

Of or pertaining to the fingers; done with the fingers adjective

Of or pertaining to digits{3}; expressed in digits{3}, or using digits{3}. adjective

A digital option.

Digital equipment or technology.

Short for digital art.

Any of the keys of a piano or similar instrument.

A finger.

Slang for cool, awesome, boss, pro, wicked, rad, gnarly, nasty, crazy, sweet, etc... The oppistie of analog.  Urban Dictionary

To get completely spun on Drugs.  Urban Dictionary

A logical, stoic person as opposed to an analog person, one who is emotional  Urban Dictionary

A digital scale  Urban Dictionary

A contraction for "Digital Collectible". Digitibles are blockchain based digital collectibles that represent a brand or cause. Purpose driven non-fungible tokens are a driving for for social good.  Urban Dictionary

To have your digits inside someone. To finger aka fingerbang aka fingerblast.  Urban Dictionary

A metaphorical medium similar to DVD in which the recordings of potentially embarrassing actions are physically published, immortalizing their existence. Also used by the acronyms DDDF or D3F. Inadvertently created by Garrett Hunter, member of internet sketch comedy group Mega64.  Urban Dictionary

An awesome german electronic music duo. Their sound varies from electronic rock ("Anything New", "I Want I Want") to electro house ("Zdarlight", "The Pulse"). Their newest release is a new EP called "Blitz", and they have a new album coming soon aswell.  Urban Dictionary

One's telephone #  Urban Dictionary

Digit-ent (digital+content) Of, relating to, and everything about digital content.  Urban Dictionary

The word "digital" in example sentences

How to use digital in a sentence? Example sentences with the digital, a sentence example for digital, and how to make digital in sample sentence, how do I use the word digital in a sentence? How do you spell digital in a sentence?

Your sample picture shows white clipped at ~108IRE (digital 256) but black level around 15IRE (~digital 32). ❋ Unknown (2008)

The term "digital nervous system" was popularized in the 1990s -- the idea that a computer network can fulfill the same functions as the human nervous system. ❋ Chris Curtin (2011)

The term digital divide indicates those individuals who are advantaged versus those who are relatively disadvantaged by the Internet and helps illuminate our understanding of inequality in the consequences of innovation. ❋ Everett M. Rogers (2003)

The term "digital divide" used to refer to whether classrooms had computers connected to the Internet. ❋ Emmeline Zhao (2012)

Some people use the phrase "digital literacy" for skills with digital tools. ❋ James Gee (2011)

Ms. MacKinnon deploys the phrase "digital bonapartism" to describe the policy of strong-arm leaders who use the Internet to seek legitimacy, for instance by crowdsourcing input on new laws or using pro-government bloggers to slur out-of-favor officials. ❋ Luke Allnutt (2012)

I was disappointed in this video for the definition given to the term digital story. ❋ Mr. Byrne (2009)

Given this potential breadth in the term digital literacy why not just narrow your concerns to that which you describe which is Social Media? ❋ Unknown (2009)

The problem with the term digital literacy is that it specifies the technology, whereas the knowledge that we wish to teach and analyze extend beyond this to use. ❋ Unknown (2009)

IMHO the term digital media versatility does satisfy the need better as the discipline should strive after versatility in thinking and acting with digital media. ❋ Jak Boumans (2008)

GREENFIELD: In fact, some conservatives have been very angry at Al Gore for using the term digital brownshirts to describe some of the more conservative media folk. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Mar 25, 2008 digital natives ~ so, we add the term digital natives to our preexisting generational terms. digital natives = people under 30 - totally wired generation = people 14-29 years old - generation next = people 16-25 years old ... blame it on the internet ❋ CyberCelt (2010)

Last night was digital dude... [That'd] be digital if you could hook me up. [Women's rights]...? That's such an [analog] subject! ❋ Teddy L. (2008)

Yo man are you [digital] yet, no it will probably [hit me in] [a 1]/2 hour. Keep It [Digital] ❋ Trizz (2005)

You're too digital, can't you empathize [with me]? ❋ Steve Novotni (2003)

❋ YoungCali (2003)

I went online and bought some digitibles of my favourite actor the other night. I was able to list it on [OpenSea] and [put it up] for auction and made 2 [eth]! ❋ Digitibles (2020)

Dude, I was so gonna after I [popped] that molly. I digitized that girl [right on] [the dance floor]. ❋ HLAUSF (2015)

"Are you happy there's a video of you [pissing about] to be sent worldwide?" "Yeah, well, I [put it on] YouTube anyway, so [now it's on] Digital Digital Digital Forever." ❋ Poopfeast420 (2012)

Dude 1: Have you heard that new Digitalism [track]? Dude 2: [Yeah man] it [rocks my socks]! ❋ Cheesieness (2010)

Hey baby, [why don't you] let me get your [digits] I saw you talking to that [hottie], did you get her digits? ❋ Anonymous (2002)

Have you [checked] their account? Their [digitent] is [insanely] creative! ❋ Digiclique (2021)

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