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In physics and mathematics, the dimension of a mathematical space (or object) is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify any point within it. Thus a line has a dimension of one because only one coordinate is needed to specify a point on it – for example, the point at 5 on a number line. A surface such as a plane or the surface of a cylinder or sphere has a dimension of two because two coordinates are needed to specify a point on it – for example, both a latitude and longitude are required to locate a point on the surface of a sphere. The inside of a cube, a cylinder or a sphere is three-dimensional because three coordinates are needed to locate a point within these spaces. In classical mechanics, space and time are different categories and refer to absolute space and time. That conception of the world is a four-dimensional space but not the one that was found necessary to describe electromagnetism. The four dimensions of spacetime consist of events that are not absolutely defined spatially and temporally, but rather are known relative to the motion of an observer. Minkowski space first approximates the universe without gravity; the pseudo-Riemannian manifolds of general relativity describe spacetime with matter and gravity. Ten dimensions are used to describe string theory, eleven dimensions can describe supergravity and M-theory, and the state-space of quantum mechanics is an infinite-dimensional function space. The concept of dimension is not restricted to physical objects. High-dimensional spaces frequently occur in mathematics and the sciences. They may be parameter spaces or configuration spaces such as in Lagrangian or Hamiltonian mechanics; these are abstract spaces, independent of the physical space we live in..

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  • Plural form of dimension. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of dimension. verb

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The practice of drawing and painting offers the student the following problem in descriptive geometry: _to represent the three dimensions of space by means of a plane surface of two dimensions_.. [Chinese Painters A Critical Study]

I'm looking for real-life experience in dimensions we care about, Mr. Hawkins says.. [Help Wanted]

The trip across dimensions is so difficult it triggers the regeneration to Eleven.. [Doctor Who Smattering of Spoilers]

The most commonly used method to determine the structure of molecules in three dimensions is X-ray crystallography.. [The Nobel Prize in Chemistry: The Development of Modern Chemistry]

But the advanced search is brilliant - gaming wallpapers with an aspect ratio of 16: 10 at least 1680x1050 in dimensions?. [The Super Mario Desktop | Lifehacker Australia]

If having to calculate the area of a room from its dimensions is too much to ask of high school graduates, I'm starting to think that the people constructing these arguments are, in fact, arguing for a high school diplomat to be a certificate of attendance, a verification of age.. [Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway]

In reality, the correlation among race, intelligence and genital dimensions is well established.. [Matthew Yglesias » Haiti]

We have had very uncongenial weather lately for aeirial music, but I beg you to remember, Sir, that if by your change of abode the Harp in dimensions becomes wrong, you are at liberty to change it at a future time, if undeface'd.. [Letter 218]

Even I know that poverty of huge dimensions is noticeable in the [Caribbean] Coast, me being a common citizen.. [Global Voices in English » Colombia: Cyber-Politics for the 2010 Elections]

In modern string theory, the space representing the six hidden dimensions is a space of three complex dimensions known as a Calabi-Yau space.. [Are Changes Brewing and How Does the Mind Fit In?]

Aquarius: The thin barrier that exists between alternate dimensions is again active around all members of the sign Aquarius.. [Horoscope for the week of May 20, 2008]

Criticism of utopias that slight either collective or personal dimensions is the starting point from which David Harvey calls for a comprehensive “spatiotemporal” or “dialectical” utopianism.. [Utopianism and Joanna Baillie: A Preface to Converging Revolutions]

But it seems my ability to visualise the world in three dimensions is awful.. [Seeing the world a different way « Gin&Comment]

Since that moment – through noisy denials, angry admissions, repeated refusals to apologize, a gleeful round of Schumer attack ads and two testy television debates marked by etymological disputes over the pejorative dimensions of Yiddish insults – polls have found that four out of five New Yorkers are aware that D'Amato did indeed tell a closed-door meeting of Jewish supporters last week that his opponent is a "putzhead.". [The Schumer Admit-and-Apologize Strategy]

That space has three dimensions is an empirical fact, not a metaphysical necessity.. [Again, there is absolutely no teleology involved]

I want some of what tm takes and also - the problem with "fantastic theories of everything involving unknowable dimensions" is that it opens a door of misdirected wish-fulfillment .... and does little else. and while I'm on the subject: even if every other-worldly fantasy is true ... does that mean I still have to go to work tomorrow?. [Into the Alternate Universe!]

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