Character 11
Hyphenation dis con tin ue
Pronunciations /dɪskənˈtɪnju/

Definitions and meanings of "Discontinue"

What do we mean by discontinue?

To stop doing or providing (something); end or abandon: synonym: stop. intransitive verb

To cease making or manufacturing. intransitive verb

To cease subscribing to (a publication). intransitive verb

To agree to dismiss (an action). intransitive verb

To fail to proceed in (an action). intransitive verb

To come to an end. intransitive verb

To cease from; cause to cease; put an end to; break off; stop: as, to discontinue a habit or practice; to discontinue a suit at law, or a claim or right; their partnership has been discontinued.

To interrupt; break the continuity of; intermit.

To cease to take or receive; abandon; cease to use: as, to discontinue a daily paper.

To cease; come to a stop or end: as, the uproar discontinued at that moment; the fever has discontinued.

To be severed or separated.

To lose cohesion of parts; suffer disruption or separation of substance.

To lose continuity or cohesion of parts; to be disrupted or broken off. intransitive verb

To be separated or severed; to part. intransitive verb

To interrupt the continuance of; to intermit, as a practice or habit; to put an end to; to cause to cease; to cease using, to stop; to leave off. transitive verb

To stop a process; especially as regards commercial productions; to stop producing, making, or supplying something. verb

Come to or be at an end verb

Put an end to a state or an activity verb

Prevent completion verb

To interrupt the continuance of; to put an end to, especially as regards commercial productions; to stop producing, making, or supplying something.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Discontinue

The word "discontinue" in example sentences

To d0scontinu3 subscriptign reply woth only the word 'discontinue' as the subject to: ❋ Angry Professor (2008)

We had to kind of discontinue the interview a little bit until they could get their footing. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Microsoft has announced it will "discontinue" Xbox Live for the original Xbox and its games on April 15, including Xbox Originals and Xbox games playa ... ❋ Unknown (2010)

Microsoft has announced it will "discontinue" Xbox Live for the original Xbox and its games on April ... ❋ Unknown (2010)

Democratic Senator Evan Bayh, speaking alongside Coburn, said the U.S. has 'got to make them pay a price for this kind of activity that is larger than the ransoms they're extracting,' so the pirates will be forced to 'discontinue' their activities.

Also, MTA will reinstate service reductions, such as discontinue under-utilized subway routes and eliminate low-performing weekend express bus service which will result in cost savings valued at $62 million in 2010 and $129 million each year thereafter. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Thomas Foster Jr., the son of a wealthy Mississippi planter, was given an ultimatum by his family to either discontinue his love affair with a slave woman or exile himself from his home and Southern society. ❋ Thaddeus Russell (2010)

It recommended that Congress allow "greater flexibility to consider the merits of increasing or decreasing subsidies to selected communities in order to help develop an air service market or to discontinue subsidies to communities not supporting air service." ❋ The Center For Public Integrity (2011)

In two places at once but only doing the one thing, or else fall behind the building's faces which discontinue trying to appear at all textured and sane about it but still whisper the brick and mortar details in both ears at once, twice. ❋ Alex Taitague (2011)

Earlier this month, as part of an effort to reduce the risk of overdoses, Tylenol maker Johnson & Johnson , along with acetaminophen makers Perrigo Co. and Novartis AG, decided voluntarily to discontinue a more-concentrated formula used in infant-drop products, and instead use the same liquid concentration of acetaminophen for both infants' and children's products. ❋ Jennifer Corbett Dooren (2011)

As the risk of exposure diminished, the number of complaints declined, and Louisiana along with the other Gulf states decided to discontinue surveillance. ❋ Susan Buchanan (2011)

Bellagio has since replaced its $25,000 chips and announced plans to discontinue in April those designed like the ones stolen, setting a deadline for the thief to try to use them. ❋ AP (2011)

Take, for example, one consumer products company that was struggling to increase margins: The leadership team jointly decided to sell off or discontinue a number of low-volume brands, and outsource some of the support functions. ❋ Ron Ashkenas (2011)

Zero Points: J.P. Morgan Chase will discontinue all debit-card rewards for new and existing customers starting Tuesday. ❋ Unknown (2011)

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