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Discourse (from Latin discursus, "running to and from") denotes written and spoken communications: In semantics and discourse analysis: Discourse is a conceptual generalization of conversation within each modality and context of communication. The totality of codified language (vocabulary) used in a given field of intellectual enquiry and of social practice, such as legal discourse, medical discourse, religious discourse, et cetera. In the work of Michel Foucault, and that of the social theoreticians he inspired: discourse describes "an entity of sequences, of signs, in that they are enouncements (énoncés)", statements in conversation.As discourse, an "enouncement" (statement) is not a unit of semiotic signs, but an abstract construct that allows the semiotic signs to assign meaning, and so communicate specific, repeatable communications to, between, and among objects, subjects, and statements. Therefore, a discourse is composed of semiotic sequences (relations among signs that communicate meaning) between and among objects, subjects, and statements. The term "discursive formation" (French: formation discursive) conceptually describes the regular communications (written and spoken) that produce such discourses, such as informal conversations. As a philosopher, Michel Foucault applied the discursive formation in the analyses of large bodies of knowledge, such as political economy and natural history.In the first sense-usage (semantics and discourse analysis), the term discourse is studied in corpus linguistics, the study of language expressed in corpora (samples) of "real world" text. In the second sense (the codified language of a field of enquiry) and in the third sense (a statement, un énoncé), the analysis of a discourse examines and determines the connections among language and structure and agency. Moreover, because a discourse is a body of text meant to communicate specific data, information, and knowledge, there exist internal relations in the content of a given discourse; likewise, there exist external relations among discourses. As such, a discourse does not exist per se (in itself), but is related to other discourses, by way of inter-discursivity. Discourses are also perpetually differentiating toward each other in time. Therefore, in the course of intellectual enquiry, the discourse among researchers features the questions and answers of What is ...? and What is not. ..., conducted according to the meanings (denotation and connotation) of the concepts (statements) used in the given field of enquiry, such as anthropology, ethnography, and sociology; cultural studies and literary theory; the philosophy of science and feminism..

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Definitions of "discourse"

  • Verbal expression in speech or writing. noun
  • Verbal exchange; conversation. noun
  • A formal, lengthy discussion of a subject, either written or spoken. noun
  • Archaic The process or power of reasoning. noun
  • To speak or write formally and at length. See Synonyms at speak. verb-intransitive
  • To engage in conversation or discussion; converse. verb-intransitive
  • Archaic To narrate or discuss. verb-transitive
  • Verbal exchange, conversation. noun
  • Expression in words, either speech or writing. noun
  • A formal lengthy exposition of some subject, either spoken or written. noun
  • Any rational expression, reason. noun
  • An institutionalized way of thinking, a social boundary defining what can be said about a specific topic (after Michel Foucault). noun
  • To engage in discussion or conversation; to converse. verb
  • To write or speak formally and at length. verb
  • (transitive) To debate. verb
  • The power of the mind to reason or infer by running, as it were, from one fact or reason to another, and deriving a conclusion; an exercise or act of this power; reasoning; range of reasoning faculty. noun
  • Conversation; talk. noun
  • The art and manner of speaking and conversing. noun
  • Consecutive speech, either written or unwritten, on a given line of thought; speech; treatise; dissertation; sermon, etc.. noun

The word "discourse" in example sentences

The title discourse furnishes a central theme to which those following stand in relation.. [Modern Religious Cults and Movements]

Critically, the crux of the entire process in the development of these works was for Ravi the concept of Sannidhi which in traditional Indian aesthetic discourse translates as 'proximity' or 'close by' or 'in the presence'.. [The Hindu - Front Page]

Her book, which first appeared in French in 2008, combines three strands: a study of events; a detailed account of the social, economic, religious, cultural, political and administrative context of 12th-century Syria and Egypt; and an unrelenting investigation of what she calls the "discourse.". [The Crusaders' Favorite Muslim]

How it shapes our discourse is a worthy topic for consideration.. [I'd Rather Let The Flowers Keep Doing What They Do Best]

All that comes from debasing the discourse is a spoiled public forum.. [Think Progress » ThinkFast: January 11, 2010]

By the way, using a script exotic to a discourse is a gratuitous and low form of argument.. [Any experience with San Francisco consulate?]

I am the bread of life -- Henceforth the discourse is all in the first person, "I," "Me," which occur in one form or other, as Stier reckons, thirty-five times. he that cometh to me -- to obtain what the soul craves, and as the only all-sufficient and ordained source of supply. hunger ... thirst -- shall have conscious and abiding satisfaction.. [Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible]

Like Foucault, Kittler diagnosed the present through what he called discourse analysis - the excavation of the underlying structure of human practices.. [The Guardian World News]

Severing political discussion from decision and action, however, focuses the locus of Habermasian politics strictly on discussion and what he calls a discourse theory of democracy.. [LeverWealth]

McD reminds me of cruelly ridiculing your spouse at a cocktail party just for a cheap laugh; tells all around you reams abut your character and integrity; what a putz; and -- whose payroll is he on? ours? guess loyality is relative; sell out your country and troops and call it "discourse" or "free speech" or "constructive criticism" so you can sleep at night. libs will surely be our collective death;. [Sound Politics: Congressman McDermott Has Interesting Associates]

I am confident that I should not be trying to appear ‘English’ and hence, any directness or lack of tentativeness typical of Greek discourse, is certain to have crept into the way I use English.. [I is for Identity « An A-Z of ELT]

But academic discourse is such a particular thing.. [Random Bullets « Tales from the Reading Room]

For me -- and I think for a lot of people -- the moment that "sanity" left the building in American discourse came in late 2002 and early 2003, when it became clear that Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Paul Halfwits, and their minions were dead set on invading Iraq.. [Will Bunch: Sanity, Iraq, and Jon Stewart's "View From Nowhere"]

Human rights discourse is an essentially individualistic framework, whereas most cultures of the global South (or third world) are formed on a communitarian value system.. [Happy Rome Statute Day : Law is Cool]

If you ask me, one of the most disturbing trends in American public discourse is the incredibly provincialism and solipsism of a lot of our policy debate.. [Matthew Yglesias » Policy Solipsism: Broadband Policy Edition]

The tone of most Internet discourse is historically libertarian, and Republicans did pretty well online for many years.. [Matthew Yglesias » Organizing Your People]

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TurkishDiscourse English to Turkish Translate
(i)., (f). karşılıklı konuşma, mükâleme, muhavere; tez, makale, broşür; söz, hitabe, nutuk; (f). söylemek, bahsetmek, konuşmak, hitap etmek, bir konuyu sözle veya yazılı olarak işlemek.(i)., (f). karşılıklı konuşma, mükâleme, muhavere; tez, makale, broşür; söz, hitabe, nutuk; (f). söylemek, bahsetmek, konuşmak, hitap etmek, bir konuyu sözle veya yazılı olarak işlemek.

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