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What does the word disinterestedly mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word disinterestedly in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with disinterestedly and anagrams of disinterestedly.

Definitions of "disinterestedly"

  • In a disinterested manner; impartially, dispassionately. adverb
  • In a disinterested manner; without bias or prejudice. adverb
  • In a disinterested manner; unselfishly.
  • without bias; without selfish motives adverb

The word "disinterestedly" in example sentences

"And I advise you" -- Mr. Pyeburt paused, as he thought of a better word than "disinterestedly" -- "as a friend, to jump at it.. [Bones in London]

Whenever they were in a spot the military helped them in working out a quick fix while the nation looked on disinterestedly.. [Sobia Ali: Voices of Pakistan: Why do Pakistanis Have Such Mixed Opinions About America?]

Why, if a consumer wants a mindless Friday night of commercial movie purposefully playing my own game of "Film or Movie?" for a moment fun, does he have to click disinterestedly through the listings on Fandango sometimes several weeks in a row because there's nothing appealing to an audience outside of the diversity of hormonal teenage boys or vampire mania?. [Ashley Wren Collins: Seeking Cinematic Sustenance in a Saturated World]

Jim gave the man the code; he nodded disinterestedly and gave them a thumbs-up.. [Starcraft II: Devils’ Due]

The Times reports (totally disinterestedly) on print media's hope "for a kind of time machine.". [The Apple Tablet Will Soon Bring an End to the Apple Tablet Rumors]

In the Financial TimesTyler Brûlé reported on the contorted agonies of trying to read an iPad by the pool (albeit not disinterestedly, as his Monocle publishing empire is launching a newspaper for the better sort of Mediterranean resort):. [Raining On Tech's Parade]

But let us at the same time abandon our superstitious beliefs about knowledge: that it is ever sufficient; that it can of itself solve problems; that it is intrinsically good; that it can be used objectively or disinterestedly.. [MY EMPIRE OF DIRT]

The librarian behind the checkout desk glances at Asmador disinterestedly as he enters, then turns away.. [THE BOYS FROM SANTA CRUZ]

While I can't think of many writers who aren't readers, they aren't all equally gifted when it comes to thinking about literature as a whole, in the abstract, or disinterestedly, all of which an expert reader needs to be able to do.. [Which would YOU rather have?]

Their little greyhound, Racer, came with her and sniffed me disinterestedly, and loped away.. [The Legacy]

He moved slightly away from the others, leaning up against the wall of the overhang, and gazed disinterestedly out at the lethal plants that were still bounding past.. [The Cat is a Metaphor]

Harry Latimar's likeness looked disinterestedly out of the faded canvas.. [Dearly Beloved]

A kickball fell from her finespun fingers, bouncing disinterestedly away at an oblique angle, a distant shadow from a 767 drifting across its path.. [Again]

They assume that their experts will always act disinterestedly for the benefit of the masses they govern, but experience on that score does not give us much comfort.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Hayek on the Use of Superior Expert Knowledge as a Justification for Paternalism]

They have the numbers — trillions and quadrillions and more that replicate wildly, inaccurately and disinterestedly.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Antibiotic Resistance II]

They immediately turn into a pair of grazing manatees nuzzling interestedly into your partners armpits they are inert to the touch and wander disinterestedly from your hand like children ` s magic gloop.. [What a Let Down]

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Much depends on the occasion of his first book, where I did the same for example, I have published frankly and disinterestedly, for the


crows disinterestedly staring down an incoming van and reluctantly stepping to the side when it becomes apparent they absolutely have to


There was a wonderful property in her: she piously and disinterestedly believed in the good.

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