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Disc or disk (computing and American English) .

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Definitions of "disk"

  • A thin, flat, circular object or plate. noun
  • Something resembling such an object: The moon's disk was reflected in the pond. noun
  • The disk used in a disc brake. noun
  • A disk used on a disk harrow. noun
  • A round, flattened, platelike structure in an animal, such as an intervertebral disk. noun
  • Botany The enlarged area bearing numerous tiny flowers, as in the flower head of composite plants, such as the daisy. Also called discus. noun
  • Computer Science A magnetic disk, such as a floppy disk or hard disk. noun
  • Computer Science The data stored on such a disk: read the disk that came with the manual. noun
  • An optical disk, especially a compact disk. See Usage Note at compact disk. noun
  • A phonograph record. noun
  • A circular grid in a phototypesetting machine. noun
  • To work (soil) with a disk harrow. verb-transitive
  • To make (a recording) on a phonograph record. verb-transitive
  • A thin, flat, circular plate or similar object. noun
  • Something resembling a disk. noun
  • A vinyl phonograph/gramophone record. noun
  • A floppy disk - removable magnetic medium or a hard disk - fixed, persistent digital storage. noun
  • A disc - either a CD-ROM, an audio CD, a DVD or similar removable storage medium. noun
  • A harrow. noun

The word "disk" in example sentences

Now here's my first genuine Dumb A-s Question: Once I create my clone on the external disk via CCC, * how do I boot from that disk*??. [Discussions: Message List - root]

Hinged to the center of the disk is a small needle.. [HELLO • by Ishwar]

In the centre of the disk is the original ancestor and the first occupant of the Jaguar Throne, the earthly representation of which is actually located at the entrance between the pillars just below and in plain view of the spectators.. [Primary sources of Maya history - part five]

In effect the Rosetta disk is a nickel cast of a micro-etch silicon mold.. [Very Long-Term Backup « Isegoria]

And to the right of the disk is a piece of string tied on as a leader.. [September 2007]

I have the habit of occasionally checking the load cycle count of my hard drive with S.M.A.R.T. to see when the disk is likely to die of old age.. [S.M.A.R.T. Hard Disks « Inane Bits]

May 04, 2009 at 11: 29 AM cmon man test disk is much better. it helps me to recover file even after i format my hard disk. recuva cant do that.. [Five Best Free Data Recovery Tools | Lifehacker Australia]

And we now ready to remove the old hard disk from the macbook.. [2009 March « oneduasan]

It means the disk is performing 2 actions per 512 chunk (with a 3rd at the end of the 4kb chunk) versus the 1 every 512 chunk.. [Future Hard Drive Upgrades Will Slow Down XP Users | Lifehacker Australia]

Where a single disk is at issue, that player is a perfectly good substitute.. [Archive 2009-05-01]

The only reason to keep physical CD's, rather than files on a big hard disk, is if you want to display them in a bookshelf for visitors to browse through when you have people over.. [Advisor: What should I do with my high school CD collection? Boing Boing]

Back in Ben's room she plucked a disk from the CD carousel, dug out its case from the pile on the floor, and hurried downstairs.. [Ann Packer's 'Molten': Narrative Magazine's Friday Feature]

It says under permissions that the disk is read-only.. [Lifehacker’s Guide To Upgrading To Windows 7 RC | Lifehacker Australia]

Some people think that keeping a separate copy of (say) a database file in a different partition of a hard disk is a reliable backup.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » A New Book Coming Soon from Michael Bellesiles]

Unless a disk is demagnetized or destroyed (not simply damaged), data is generally recoverable, even if there may be gaps or missing/unrecoverable files.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » A New Book Coming Soon from Michael Bellesiles]

Whether the disk is encrypted or not effects its searchability.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Does Georgia v. Randolph Apply to Computers?]

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