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GNOME Disks is a graphical front-end for udisks included in the "gnome-disk-utility" package. It can be used for partition management, S.M.A.R.T. monitoring, benchmarking, and software RAID (until v. 3.12). An introduction is included in the GNOME Documentation Project. Disks used to be known as GNOME Disk Utility or palimpsest. Udisks was named DeviceKit-disks in earlier releases. DeviceKit-disks is part of DeviceKit which was planned to replace certain aspects of HAL. HAL and DeviceKit have been deprecated. A unique feature of the partition manager is that tasks are executed in the background, even after the application has been closed by the user.Disks has been included in several Linux distributions including Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Trisquel, Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and CentOS..

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Definitions of "disks"

  • Plural form of disk. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of disk. verb

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In section «Windows and disks» we will discuss the way the Windows interacts with the disks; possible variants of virtual disk creation; necessary information for disk driver development.. [The Code Project Latest Articles]

Modern artisans still scratch their heads trying to figure out how the Aztecs produced the paper-thin disks they sometimes used as earrings and pendants.. [Obsidian in Mexico: gift of the gods]

You can restore files, folders or entire disks from the app in the event of accidental file deletion or disk failure, making it helpful for both hard drive deaths and oops-wrong-button moments.. [Five Best Offline Backup Tools | Lifehacker Australia]

In other countries, studios have not wanted to offer films as rentals or pay-per-view before the DVD release, because selling disks is more lucrative.. [Internet Video in Korea Eclipses the DVD - Bits Blog - NYTimes.com]

When I was in high school, one of my favorite disks from the Chess Records “The Real Folk Blues” series was the Memphis Slim collection.. [Memphis Slim & Philippe LeJeune: Dialog in Boogie « Skid Roche]

I double-click on Ohio and the list of disks is replaced by the files and folders in Ohio.. [Scripting News for 11/17/2007 « Scripting News Annex]

Retrieving data from hard disks is one of the most important applications of Giant Magnetoresistance, since the information is stored on the hard disks in the form of small magnetic areas.. [The Nobel Prize in Physics 2007 - Presentation Speech]

I think if I ever try this again, I'll slice the kumquats into thin disks instead.. [Archive 2005-01-01]

Of course, they’ll work with a label for the subsequent mass market distribution of plain disks, but clearly, this was a strike against the labels.. [Poor Record Labels : #comments]

AWESOME mod, I never really had a "real" incentive to homebrew my wii, but my disks are all messed up (that includes a couple of PS3 games).. [Back Up And Play Your Wii Games From An External Hard Drive | Lifehacker Australia]

The disks were the size of a pizza box and probably weighed 15 pounds.. [And Yet Still No Rocket Car to the Moon « Whatever]

Today the disks are a lot smaller, as you might suspect, and so are the machines.. [CNN Transcript Mar 2, 2002]

The unlabelled disks proved to be either blank or corrupted.. [Mortal Causes]

Its rewritable magnetic nature could be easily erased (thus leading to a lack of durability), and the disks were a piracy danger.. [WN.com - Articles related to Bess Mobile First to Bring SRS-Equipped Mobile Phone to Latin America Mobile Market]

Oh, btw bit of advice label your disks (write device name on sticky label and stick on side of disk casing). [Ubuntu Forums]

Always go for high end brand name disks for your remasters ... [PCLinuxOS-Forums]

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Heroes: Legend of the Battle Disks - 01 - Come Forth! My Disk Monster!
Heroes: Legend of the Battle Disks - 01 - Come Forth! My Disk Monster!
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