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Definitions and meanings of "Dismountable"

What do we mean by dismountable?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word dismountable. Define dismountable, dismountable synonyms, dismountable pronunciation, dismountable translation, English dictionary definition of dismountable.

Another word for pulling out Urban Dictionary

When a person exits his or her mouth of the dip they have been dipping. Urban Dictionary

When someone is mounted on someone/or something and you have to ask them to shut up about it. Urban Dictionary

Something requested by Correctional Officers when catching prisoners during institutionalized homogenization. Urban Dictionary

The final finishing move a male does after mounting ones partner....sticking the landing with arms raised like an olympic gymnast...and waiting for the judges score (typically a room mate or anyone within earshot) Urban Dictionary

While the female is riding your cock, as you are about to blow your load, she bends over backwards while you thrust your pelvis in the air, she falls off the bed, and you blow your load in to the air effectivly spraying the semen on the walls Urban Dictionary

A Guy who poons you irl, enjoys having sex with your mother and killing your mounts. Urban Dictionary

When you take a chick to her place then to pound town. "accidentally" Blow your load in her hair or eyes. When she runs off to clean up, get dressed quick and grab something random on the way out. Urban Dictionary

You meet a random girl at the bar and get her to take you back to her place. you do her and shoot your load in her hair then when she gets in the shower you steal her tv. Urban Dictionary

A satire of the USMA (West Point) motto, for the Cavalry. It signifies the apprehension of a Cavalry or Armor enlisted person, to remove themselves from the comfort ad safety of their vehicle. Urban Dictionary

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The word "dismountable" in example sentences

Experience has shown that dismountable protection devices are often not returned to their appropriate place after removal. ❋ Unknown (1996)

The AN/VRC-91 provides long-range (up to 35 kilometers) and short-range dismountable (up to 8 kilometers) operation in two nets simultaneously. ❋ United States Army (1993)

The AN/VRC-91 is a vehicle-mounted, dual-radio configuration consisting of one long-range and one short-range dismountable, solid-state, securable transceiver intended for VHF-FM tactical operations. ❋ United States Army (1993)

Pinning, known as pegging or dowelling in woodworking, allows rigid but dismountable joints to be made. ❋ Unknown (1988)

It will be dismountable so that it can be sold and placed elsewhere after the exhibition is over. ❋ Unknown (1964)

There were five dismountable roof sections, one of sheet steel, four of bulletproof transparent plastic. ❋ Hall, Adam (1966)

Mr. Luthra said the models of Hampi monuments would be dismountable since the show travels to 20 districts. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The Pentagon has paid $2 million to Murtech to provide "logistics and engineering" for tests of joint dismountable reconnaissance systems, emergency tools and kits that troops can use to evaluate the environment when a release of biological or chemical agents is suspected. ❋ Unknown (2009)

a type of soldier more exactly suited to the needs of the game, including tray carriers for troops in formation and (what is at present not attainable) dismountable cavalry that will stand. ❋ Unknown (1906)

[Alright] [bitch I'm] ready for the [DISMOUNT]!! ❋ ART (2003)

[Jaymes] dismounted so he can [make out] with his [woman]. ❋ Bandito Loves Jaymes (2017)

friend 1: "doesn't he have the greatest body ever? he's so [tan] and [ripped]." friend 2: [DISMOUNT]. ❋ Soopercool (2009)

[Gentlemen], Dismounts! ❋ Sique Puppi (2008)

After finishing on the females back from doggystyle sex, he dismounted by doing a [back flip] off of the bed jumping into the air and landing with both feet together (points deducted for hopping, staggering, hitting the fan, furniture, shoes, or any other object that may cause personal injury)....he waited for [the roommate] to call out the score from down the hall...a [9.7] was achieved! ❋ Badger2 (2010)

she [nearly] took [my dick off] last night with that [arabian dismount]. ❋ MatteusR (2008)

"Omfg Dismount Gimp II Just fucked my mother then killed my [swampie], it had fucking Val [armour] on, [REEEEEEEEEEEE]" ❋ Dismount Gimp II (2004)

-"Dude, is this [the blender] you grabbed from [Julie's] place?" "Hell Yeah, [5 Finger Dismount]" -"You know she had to go to the ER right?" "Smoothie?" ❋ 34xx34 (2013)

One night at the bar i saw [this hoe] from high school, she was a bitch back then so i felt she was worth [the five] finger [dismount]. ❋ Butterbean (2006)

[I ain't] [gettin] out of my track, "death before [dismount]". ❋ Seajay66666 (2018)

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