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+mental disorders+, and not in another, indicates either that some predisposition to these disorders existed, or that the habit of. [Manhood Perfectly Restored Prof. Jean Civiale's Soluble Urethral Crayons as a Quick, Painless, and Certain Cure for Impotence, Etc.]

"There's a great chance the environment is modifying these genes," Burbach said, adding the genes could lead to several brain disorders, depending on things like the child's upbringing and other genetic factors.. [Is ADHD Genetic? Study Finds Link To Missing DNA]

The elderly may not manifest "classic" depression as defined in the DSM-III-R19, although they still may manifest some depressive symptoms. 20 Indeed, recent studies show that the prevalence of depressive disorders is no higher in the elderly than in younger populations. 19 However, the incidence of depression and depressive symptoms increases dramatically among elderly with multiple medical problems, precisely those elderly for whom medications will be prescribed. 20. [Elderly]

The liberal approach to dealing with illiteracy, probation, incarceration, assault, addiction, sexually transmitted disease, unintended pregnancy, domestic violence, divorce, and a variety of emotional disorders is based on a set of assumptions about human nature which began to influence the Western world as the philosophy of the Enlightenment was replaced by a new set of ideas about the nature of human existence.. [A Blueprint for Resolving the Current Crisis in the American Way of Life « Illiteracy Articles « Articles « Literacy News]

Additionally, expertise in cervical spinal trauma and other spinal disorders is available.. [Neurosurgery]

Allergic skin disorders (e.g., eczema or atopic dermatitis, hives or urticaria and angioedema). [Allergy]

In my 25+ years as a therapist I've done a large amount of work with eating disorders, which is to say I've sat and listened to skeletal anorexics argue they were fat and therefore unworthy of love.. [Dr. Gregory Jantz, Ph.D.: Toddlers & Tiaras: A Cultural Car Wreck]

Some of the increase in these disorders is due to better and earlier recognition and diagnosis, but that is an incomplete and understandably insufficient explanation.. [Rosalie Greenberg: Psychiatry and the Media -- a Strange and Strained Relationship]

However, to reach it from Chester you need to travel through Prestatyn and Rhyl - two places that sound like skin disorders and are about as appealing.. [Archive 2009-06-01]

Eliminate those with HIV/AIDS, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders and mental stress disorders from the Americans with Disabilities Act;. [Rev. Dr. Cindi Love: Texas Republican Platform Attacks Gays and Disabled]

Various skin disorders were also treated in a similar way.. [The Temascal: Traditional Sweat Bath]

'This may be a good tool to study certain disorders of the nervous system where the synaptic circuitry may be miswired (such as autism spectrum disorders).. [Boing Boing]

The casual belief that abortion causes psychiatric disorders is rampant in naive students, until we beat it out of them.. [Balkinization]

This contest was fueled by the following news: One of the serious eating disorders is anorexia.. [Anorexia Art | Impact Lab]

This can dispose to almost severe altace 5mg capsule cmax pressure, label disorders, or number failure while you are telling trandolapril. 5-25 mg/dose just 2 to 3 years per day; adverse if sensitive by 25 mg/dose to familiar treatment of 450 check per bothersome pediatric dose for diabetic nephropathy: neonates: 0.. [Wii-volution]

By the late 19th century there was a general realization that emotionally traumatic experiences could cause long-term disorders which may manifest with a variety of symptoms.. [Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]]

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Eating Disorders and Diabetes: What is Diabulimia? via @edhope


*Workshop on Autism spectrum Disorders (ASD) ASSESSMENT* *Key Features* *I…


@skeletonj3lly: anyone who thinks eating disorders are a choice can form an orderly line and i'll break your kneecap one by one


Better than supporting pedophilia, child abuse, violent suppression of political speech, mental disorders, racial g…


The #Abuse when received as a child, leaves consequences and generates serious emotional and personality disorders…

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