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Definitions of "disputed"

  • Argued; not certain, agreed upon, or accepted. adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of dispute. verb
  • subject to disagreement and debate adjective

The word "disputed" in example sentences

Gotarzes, who was generally accepted for king, and might have reigned without having his title disputed, had he not given indications of a harsh and cruel temper.. [The Seven Great Monarchies Of The Ancient Eastern World, Vol 6. (of 7): Parthia The History, Geography, And Antiquities Of Chaldaea, Assyria, Babylon, Media, Persia, Parthia, And Sassanian or New Persian Empire; With Maps and Illustrations.]

It was well, too, that under a new dynasty, with its title disputed, England should not encourage France to continue the friendly policy of Louis XIV towards James, the deposed Stuart Pretender.. [The Conquest of New France A chronicle of the colonial wars]

State television says Iran's supreme leader has called for national unity during a meeting with representatives of the four candidates in disputed presidential elections.. [Iran Election Live-Blogging (Tuesday June 16)]

North and South Korean naval forces exchanged fire Tuesday in disputed waters, South Korea's semi-official Yonhap news agency reported.. [POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: November 10, 2009]

Still, Mr. Moallem said he believed a comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace would be doomed without Israel's commitment to first freezing any new construction in disputed territories.. [U.S. Woos Syria in Mideast Peace Push]

Israel's Housing Ministry has announced plans to build 238 Jewish homes in disputed East Jerusalem, despite opposition from the United States and Palestinians.. [Israel Approves New Construction in Disputed East Jerusalem]

Tensions have been high between the Asian giants since the Japanese navy detained a Chinese fishing boat in disputed waters.. [ASEAN Summit: China, Japan Tensions Dash Hopes for Talks]

But what of an entity that has some allegience in disputed territory, and only there, like the PNA or the Eelam Tigers (before they were defeated)?. [The Volokh Conspiracy » The Palestinian Authority and the ICC]

TOKYO — Escalating the diplomatic tiff with China, a top government official said Monday that Japan will ask Beijing to pay for the damage incurred by the Japanese patrol boats from a collision with a Chinese fishing trawler in disputed waters.. [Japan Asks China to Pay for Boat Damage]

TOKYO — Tension between China and Japan bumped back up a notch Monday when Tokyo asked Beijing to pay for damages to patrol boats hit by a Chinese fishing vessel in disputed waters, countering China's demand for an apology over the incident.. [Japan, China Tensions Deepen, Test Diplomatic Resolve]

The report also said that in disputed territories such as the South China Sea and waters close to Japan, China is patrolling with "increased frequency and greater strength.". [Rudd Seeks China Arms Clarity]

The collision incident is one of several spats straining China's ties with its Asian neighbors while its increasingly powerful navy enforces claims in disputed waters.. [Tensions Simmer In China-Japan Boat Spat]

Two of the three judges declared that Hindus have the right of ownership to the main disputed area.. [Indian Holy Site SPLIT Between Hindus, Muslims; Christians Call For Calm]

It has become common for the losing side in disputed elections to reverse the decision by overthrowing the government with the backing of the U.S., as in Serbia and Ukraine, so creating the image of being backed by America can create a sense of inevitability.. [VDARE.com: Blog Articles » Print » More Obama Family Mania]

In their part of the world, the Chinese have made similar claims in disputed waters.. [Waldo Jaquith - Russia claims the north pole.]

What cannot be disputed is that when a farmer creates his own supply of animal feed he personally fulfills his own demand for the same and removes his demand from the interstate market in animal feed.. [Balkinization]

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