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Hyphenation dis qui si tion al
Pronunciations N/A

Definitions and meanings of "Disquisitional"

What do we mean by disquisitional?

Pertaining to disquisition; of the nature of disquisition.

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The word "disquisitional" in example sentences

From Florence, you may, perhaps hear from me again, and receive a description instead of a disquisitional letter. ❋ Unknown (1906)

Spurlock possessed a vigorous intellect, critical, disquisitional, creative; and yet he saw nothing remarkable in the girl's readiness to marry him! ❋ Harold MacGrath (1901)

Planudes may have invented some few fables, or have inserted some that were current in his day; but there is an abundance of unanswerable internal evidence to prove that he had an acquaintance with the veritable fables of Aesop, although the versions he had access to were probably corrupt, as contained in the various translations and disquisitional exercises of the rhetoricians and philosophers. ❋ Aesop (1880)

Hey [do you] [know] disquisition? That [dead person]? Yeah ❋ DilucMarryMe (2021)

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What does disquisitional mean?

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