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Definitions of "distribution"

  • The act of distributing or the condition of being distributed; apportionment. noun
  • Something distributed; an allotment. noun
  • The act of dispersing or the condition of being dispersed; diffusion. noun
  • The geographic occurrence or range of an organism. noun
  • The geographic occurrence or range of a custom, usage, or other feature. noun
  • Division into categories; classification. noun
  • The process of marketing and supplying goods, especially to retailers. noun
  • A spatial or temporal array of objects or events: the distribution of theaters on Broadway. noun
  • Law The division of an estate or property among rightful heirs. noun
  • Statistics A set of numbers and their frequency of occurrence collected from measurements over a statistical population. noun
  • Mathematics A generalized function used in the study of partial differential equations. noun
  • An act of distributing or state of being distributed. noun
  • An apportionment by law (of funds, property). noun
  • The process by which goods get to final consumers over a geographical market, including storing, selling, shipping and advertising. noun
  • The frequency of occurrence or extent of existence. noun
  • Anything distributed; portion; share noun
  • The result of distributing; arrangement. noun
  • A probability distribution; the set of relative likelihoods that a variable will have a value in a given interval. noun
  • A set of bundled software components; distro. noun

The word "distribution" in example sentences

The cycle involving hundreds of billions of dollars starting from tax collection … and ending in distribution is not easy to follow but we plan to make it much more exposed to public scrutiny.. [Beyond porkbusters: Paramedia « BuzzMachine]

For the purposes of this guide the term distribution does. [1.1 Definition of distribution]

United Nations special envoy Moustapha Niasse said the DRC groups were now ready to discuss what he termed the distribution of state responsibilities.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

MR. MCCURRY: Well, what they call the distribution tables won't be done by the Treasury Department until they have actually got some specific legislative language that they're looking at, so I don't know that anyone, including Mr. Gephardt, are in a position at this point to understand what the distributional impact of any tax code changes would be.. [Press Briefing By Mike Mccurry]

There were several changes that we've made in what we call distribution.. []

The reduction in the amount of the award spurred the RIAA to question whether certain terms in the Copyright Act were misinterpreted and need further examination-specifically, the word "distribution.". [Ars Technica]

Sunoco Logistics (NYSE: SXL) also increased its equivalent of a dividend, which it calls a distribution, to $1.04 per unit for the quarter.. [Jacksonville Business News - Local Jacksonville News | Jacksonville Business Journal]

We know that digital distribution is changing the way people buy their reading material.. [IROSF bids farewell « Third Point of Singularity]

I don't know if the tax structure benefits publishers there more than our tax structure does here, or if the economics of distribution largely within a much smaller, more densely populated country plays a part (distribution is horrendously expensive), but the current American SF newsstand is pretty much ruled by UK magazines, everything from SFX to Sci Fi Now and Deathray to a zillion licensed TV titles (is Charmed even still on TV??).. [Starlog To Cease Magazine Publication]

It's a model where they facilitate the creation of long term distribution channels -- providing women with sustainable livelihoods, making condoms affordable and building a culture of buying condoms -- which report after report shows increases overall condom use.. [Jerri Chou: Empowering Women Globally With Safe Sex Practices]

As far as the cost of printing and distribution is concerned, the cost of printing a book is by far the lowest cost of production.. [What's an eBook Worth?]

The Engineering Windows 7 blog explains how one of the main distribution vectors for recent malware such as Conficker has been placing fake messages on the AutoRun area of the AutoPlay screen which pops up by default whenever a CD or USB stick is plugged in.. [Windows 7 Changes AutoPlay For Better Security | Lifehacker Australia]

LNN: What is the next step in distribution and festival participation for CCoC and Elder Sign?. [Archive 2009-08-01]

For a majority of LEDs, the light distribution is heavily biased towards the front, making any attempt to gather light from the sides fairly futile.. [Use Tinfoil To Boost Your Remote Control’s Range | Lifehacker Australia]

I think the re-distribution is usually the big legal issue, if I recall the RIAA cases correctly.. [Use Yahoo Pipes To Grab TV Show Feeds | Lifehacker Australia]

But the notion that people have a “right” to produce a product without anyone else copying or other forms of unauthorized distribution is just bogus.. [Matthew Yglesias » Deadweight Loss]

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  • Pronunciations(dĭsˌtrə-byo͞oˈshən)
  • Character12
  • Hyphenation dis tri bu tion


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