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In finance and economics, divestment or divestiture is the reduction of some kind of asset for financial, ethical, or political objectives or sale of an existing business by a firm. A divestment is the opposite of an investment. .

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Definitions of "divest"

  • To strip, as of clothes. verb-transitive
  • To deprive, as of rights or property; dispossess. verb-transitive
  • To free of; rid: "Most secretive of men, let him at last divest himself of secrets, both his and ours” ( Brendan Gill). verb-transitive
  • To sell off or otherwise dispose of (a subsidiary company or an investment). verb-transitive
  • Law To devest. verb-transitive
  • To undress, disrobe. verb
  • To strip, deprive, or dispossess (someone) of something (such as a right, passion, privilege, or prejudice). verb
  • To sell off or be rid of through sale, especially of a subsidiary verb
  • To unclothe; to strip, as of clothes, arms, or equipage; -- opposed to invest. verb-transitive
  • Fig.: To strip; to deprive; to dispossess verb-transitive
  • See Devest. verb-transitive
  • To strip of clothes, arms, or equipage; hence, to strip of anything that surrounds or attends; despoil: opposed to invest: as, to divest one of his reputation.
  • To strip by some definite or legal process; deprive: as, to divest a person of his rights or privileges; to divest one of title or property.
  • To strip off; throw off.
  • remove (someone's or one's own) clothes verb
  • reduce or dispose of; cease to hold (an investment) verb
  • deprive of status or authority verb
  • take away possessions from someone verb

The word "divest" in example sentences

SEOUL — Korea Exchange Bank said Friday Chairman Richard Wacker will step down from his post due to personal reasons amid efforts by majority stakeholder Lone Star Funds to divest from the bank.. [KEB Chairman Resigning Amid Potential Change in Owner]

The resolution, which will be voted on at a later date, requests that the city government and employee pension fund "divest" from all Arizona state and municipal bonds and would ban city workers from traveling to that state on official business.. [D.C. Council approves tough school lunch, exercise standards]

His choice of "divest" leaves open the possibility that male-male friendships are inherently sensual; after all, one cannot divest what one does not already have.. [The Uses and Abuses of Historicism: Halperin and Shelley on the Otherness of Ancient Greek Sexuality]

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Sam Brownback, among others at the state and local level, have identified a powerful tool — a grass-roots and bipartisan campaign to "divest" from Iran, just as the international community divested from South Africa's apartheid regime in the 1970s and '80s.. [Before We Bomb Iran …]

While the company spelled out plans "to transfer fully the U.S. operation of P&O Operations North America to a United States entity," it failed to mention the words "divest" or "sell.". [Dubai's Olive Branch]

"rule that statutes which in general terms divest preexisting rights or privileges will not be applied to the sovereign without express words to that effect.". [The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation Annotations of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of the United States to June 30, 1952]

And McAlister just about told me himself that they were trying to kind of divest themselves of this company-town image and trying to cut their ties with the community.. [Oral History Interview with Carlee Drye, April 2, 1980. Interview H-0005. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)]

Techicolor (formerly Thomson) has been trying to "divest" itself of its Grass Valley operations because it is "not within Technicolor's strategic refocusing.". [The Union - All Categories]

The final language of the resolution still must be fine-tuned, but a draft circulated Tuesday by Hispanic activists calls on both the city government and the employee pension fund to "divest" from "any companies that originate out of Arizona or that do business with Arizona.". [RSSMicro Search - Top News on RSS Feeds]

If it wins, it will sell or 'divest' the spectrum to an actual operator after keeping it with itself till the LTE technology becomes ready, around 2-3 years from now.. [ Analysis]

Forcing them to "divest" was a mighty blow on behalf of liberation and was also a model of how to galvanize a national movement in a vast and conservative nation that stretches three thousand miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific -- then two thousand miles more to encompass Hawaii and hundreds of miles more to ensnare Alaska.. [MRZine.org]

The rich will eat their cake and continue to quaff their French champagne, while setting up trusts that protect their millions and billions from any liability while putting their handicapped and mentally ill children on the public dole it's only against the law for the increasingly disappearing middle class in this country to "divest" assets when a spouse has to go into a nursing home; it's not illegal for a billionaire to put his mentally incompetent or physically handicapped child into state-funded Medicaid programs once they reach the age of majority in their state, and everyone else will just starve to death while McCain fiddles in the White House during intermittent bouts of hysteria and Sarah impatiently taps her $400 shod foot, waiting for him to croak.. [Friday Night Miscellany]

(the South) are, at times, too apt to regard as sublimated and refined, while we hold the practices of the latter such as divest human nature of everything congenial.. [An Outcast or, Virtue and Faith]

"divest" the floor it leases at 701 Brickell Ave. and find smaller quarters in the city.. [Law.com - Newswire]

CEO Mr. Frazier hinted Friday that Merck wasn't likely to divest itself of some of the nonpharmaceutical businesses Merck acquired in the Schering deal.. [Merck's Profit Soars on Lower Charges]

The nine creditors—all financial firms—have been trying for years to divest from Hynix, which they took control of in 2001 following several debt-for-equity swaps after the chipmaker nearly collapsed due to weak market conditions.. [Hynix Creditors to Relaunch Stake Sale]

Divest Translates

TurkishDivest English to Turkish Translate
(f). soymak, tecrit etmek; yoksun bırakmak, mahrum etmek. di- vestiture, divestment (i). soyma, tecrit etme; soyulma, tecrit edilme; mahrum etme veya edilme.(f). soymak, tecrit etmek; yoksun bırakmak, mahrum etmek. di- vestiture, divestment (i). soyma, tecrit etme; soyulma, tecrit edilme; mahrum etme veya edilme.

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Divest-Invest: Foundations Urged to Back Climate Solutions While Divesting From Fossil Fuels
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Divest Meaning
Divest Meaning
What is DIVESTMENT? What does DIVESTMENT mean? DIVESTMENT meaning, definition & explanation
What is DIVESTMENT? What does DIVESTMENT mean? DIVESTMENT meaning, definition & explanation

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  • Pronunciations(dĭ-vĕstˈ, dī-)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation di vest


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