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Pronunciations /ˌdɒkjʊmənˈteɪʃən/

Definitions and meanings of "Documentation"

What do we mean by documentation?

The act or an instance of the supplying of documents or supporting references or records. noun

The documents or references so supplied. noun

The collation, synopsizing, and coding of printed material for future reference. noun

The organized collection of records that describe the structure, purpose, operation, maintenance, and data requirements for a computer program, operating system, or hardware device. noun

Instruction; teaching. noun

The preparation of records or documents for use or for filing. noun

Formal or authoritative instruction. noun

Something transposed from a thought to a document; the written account of an idea. noun

Documents that explain the operation of a particular software program. noun

Confirmation that some fact or statement is true through the use of documentary evidence noun

Documentary validation noun

Program listings or technical manuals describing the operation and use of programs noun

Something transposed from a thought to a document; the written account of an idea.

Documentary evidence and sources.

Documents that explain the operation of a particular machine or software program.

Comments that explain the usage of individual functions, libraries and blocks of code.

The photos taken during a night of sin that "document" all of the less that glamourous moments. These may include random drunk dancing, any shirt malfunctions resulting in boob loss, dress mishaps ending with bare ass being visible to the public eye. Urban Dictionary

What Jay needs before he will stick his phatty slammer in her nice twat. Urban Dictionary

Word used by telephone operator when trying to sound smart... when in actuality, they are an idiot... THATS NOT A REAL WORD DUMBASS!! Urban Dictionary

To document is to write something down Urban Dictionary

When you are assigned so many back to back documentation tasks at work (read, write, review, comment, update) that you start to go completely mental. Urban Dictionary

Of, relating to or suffering from anxiety over the use and/or storage of documents. Urban Dictionary

What one calls sheets of tree pulp when wanting the information written on them to seem important. Urban Dictionary

Of and relating to documentation. Urban Dictionary

"to document", to record details for future reference Urban Dictionary

From the Old English word document: To provide written statement of factual or substantial support for statements made or ideas expressed; especially : to equip with exact references to authoritative supporting information. Urban Dictionary

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The word "documentation" in example sentences

Last spring, I was part of what we called our "documentation committee," a committee formed to thoroughly examine the version of school's charter application that was current at that time. ❋ Chris Rodda (2012)

This documentation is added to the snippet like this: ❋ Unknown (2010)

It just launched today, so the documentation is a bit sketchy, but it looks very interesting so far. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Furthering what has become a reality show of a different sort, the Salahis said they would share what they called documentation of their White House invitation in the coming days. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Anyone know what kind of documentation is required for a presidentail pardon? ❋ Unknown (2006)

SOX documentation is annoying, pointless, and done every day; E-Verify work is done once per employee, upon hiring. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Fidelity executives said they do not anticipate having to pay claims anyway, even if a court sets aside a foreclosure due to a defect in documentation or process. ❋ Elizabeth Razzi (2010)

Other than that, this is an excellent example of video documentation from a credible source in an area where cougars are likely to travel from time to time. ❋ Unknown (2009)

AZ does not get to decide what documentation is proof of US citizenship. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The lack of documentation is regrettable and annoying, but true. ❋ Unknown (2010)

He says inadequate documentation is a major reason for claims being stalled. ❋ Dionne Searcey (2010)

How would you like to plan a vacation, maybe take time off of work (if that exists) put the dog in the kennal etc.etc. go to the airport .... then end up watching your plane leave as the airline personal try to find out if your documentation is ok? ❋ Unknown (2010)

Worldbumphing: Faux documentation incorporated into the narrative, (as in a song,) or into the text, (as in a quote from a fictive scripture within the fictive milieu,) adds to the mimetic weft where such documentation is in a familiar form, (e.g. song or scripture,) but also serves to elucidate the milieu. ❋ Hal Duncan (2009)

As your friend gives a random [guy a] [lap dance] [snatch out] a camera, click a picture and yell "documentation! ❋ Jazziest (2010)

"If she had documentation [I would] [fuck her]" ❋ P (2003)

-Person on phone: "There is a false withdrawel on my [bank statement] that needs to be fixed" -Operator: "Ok ma'am, i am [documentating] your information right now" -Person on phone: "[Documentating]? [You're an idiot]!" ❋ Levi Morgan (2008)

[I cannot] [beleive] i am writing [this definition]. ❋ IrishRepublicanArmy (2003)

"What are you up to this week?" "Documental. [I've been] writing specifications for the last [3 weeks] straight and I'm going [insane]" ❋ Joost911 (2012)

Not trusting anyone else, Brad collected everyone's passports and [boarding] passes as soon as they got though [airport security]. I can't believe how [documental] he has become. After triple checking the location of the theater tickets, Ann remarked that Ken was getting a bit documental. ❋ Susan C (2009)

[Please] [look] over these documents at your earliest [convenience]. ❋ ASPG (2008)

The only [follow up] [items] are [documentational] in nature. ❋ Moreso (2016)

[Ed] had to [documentate] the server [details] before he went on holiday ❋ TheKidderKid (2008)

These processes need to be documentated so [we know] what we're [supposed to] do [next time] this happens! ❋ Professor Ferd Berfel, PhD (2004)

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