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Definitions of "doll"

  • A child's usually small toy having the likeness of a human. noun
  • A pretty child. noun
  • Slang An attractive person. noun
  • Slang A woman. noun
  • Slang A sweetheart or darling. noun
  • Slang A helpful or obliging person. noun
  • doll up Slang To dress oneself smartly and often ostentatiously, especially for a special occasion. phrasal-verb
  • doll up Slang To add embellishing details to in order to make much more attractive. phrasal-verb
  • A toy in the form of a human. noun
  • Used to refer to or address a woman. noun
  • A term of endearment (ie. darling). noun
  • To cause to be more beautiful of attractive. See also doll up. verb
  • a small, usually flexible figure representing a human being, especially a toy baby for a little girl; a child's puppet. noun
  • an attractive woman or girl. noun
  • A sweetheart; a mistress; a paramour; a doxy. Also dolly. noun
  • A puppet representing a child, usually a little girl (but also sometimes a boy or a man, as a soldier, etc.), used as a toy by children, especially by girls. noun
  • Dung, especially of pigeons. noun
  • A large cake of sawdust mixed with dung, used for fuel. noun
  • A large lump. noun

The word "doll" in example sentences

I adore the paper doll one... *wonders if Little Owl would allow me to draw him as a paper owl doll*. [Swap Goodness...oh me, oh my!!!]

Attention is called to the difficulty of drawing the line between a doll and an idol among primitive peoples, the connection of dolls with religion, psychological evidence of which lingers with us to-day in the persistent folk-etymology which connects _doll_ with _idol_.. [The Child and Childhood in Folk-Thought Studies of the Activities and Influences of the Child Among Primitive Peoples, Their Analogues and Survivals in the Civilization of To-Day]

Several boys began to sing along in a mocking tone, dragging out the word doll until it became two syllables: “William wants a do-oll, William wants a do-oll.”. [Failing at FAIRNESS]

The name kouklitas comes from the Greek word for doll, koukla —which can also be used in the sense of "pretty girl" or "girlfriend," much like the English word "doll.". [Week in Words]

The Bella doll is the only doll I have ever seen that is prettier than the actual person.. [Twilight Lexicon » Alice in Action]

Not attractive, neither he nor the doll is attractive. ['Twilight': Taylor Lautner is a doll, literally |]

Your doll is amazing with all the beads you've used.. [Tuesday night quilt group, even here!]

She undressed the not-so-jolly green giant only to discover that the doll is anatomically correct.. [Boing Boing: July 6, 2003 - July 12, 2003 Archives]

Daisy had truly appreciated Patty's generosity in the matter of the note but she couldn't gracefully submit to having her own brunette beauty eclipsed by what she called a doll-face.. [Patty's Butterfly Days]

The toilette of this most amazing doll is completed by a wonderful wig of soft pink curls, which are kept in place by a meshed cap of brillian [t] s.. [Further Pavlova]

Spooky's latest doll is now available via her Dreaming Squid Dollworks shop at Etsy.. [Howard Hughes laughs a hollow laught at your puny thing called sleep.]

So, having received a fresh box full of eyes today my doll is now featuring glittery brown eyes.. [13th February '09]

The Jeep, his odd pet, gets a baby doll from the table and hands it to Popeye.. [Six by 6 | Six comics that made us cry | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment]

Pat Robertson voodoo doll is being sold on Ebay, 100% of proceeds to benefit the Red Cross:. [Think Progress » Bush repudiates criticisms that Obama is ‘politicizing’ Haiti: ‘I don’t know what they’re talking about.’]

Enrico Preziosi Enrico Preziosi, founder of Giochi Preziosi Despite these challenges, Mr. P reziosi says the closely held Italian toy company, known for its Cicciobello doll, is aiming to more than double revenue to € 2 billion by 2015, from € 940 million last year.. [Italian Toy Maker Aims to Double Revenue by 2015]

When viewed at age 8, a murderous Zuni fetish doll is terrifying.. [Friday List: Hilarious horror movies]

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