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    How much do you want a bet that "dolores" looks like an ass pimple?. [Did Sarah Palin really call Obama "Barack the Wealth Spender"?]

    Que poca madre de esta gente, pinches cholos vale madre, nada más dan dolores de cabeza a la sociedad.. [Global Voices in English » Mexico: Young Graffiti Writers Arrested in Monterrey]

    Note that dolores hidalgo is famous for being the cradle of mexico's independance.. [Recommendations?]

    Even if you don't visit our factory/showroom, be sure to come to dolores hidalgo between Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende.. [Recommendations?]

    Este gas incoloro e inodoro puede causar dolores de cabeza, mareos, nauseas, y a niveles altos la muerte.. [Carbon monoxide~ basic information]

    Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas sit aspernatur aut odit aut fugit, sed quia consequuntur magni dolores eos qui ratione voluptatem sequi nesciunt.. [Short Child etc.]

    Animi dolores et zelotypia si diutius perserverent, dementes reddunt.. [Anatomy of Melancholy]

    Acidi ructus, cruditates, aestus in praecordiis, flatus, interdum ventriculi dolores vehementes, sumptoque cibo concoctu difficili, sputum humidum idque multum sequetur, &c.Hip. lib. de mel.. [Anatomy of Melancholy]

    Circa praecordia de assidua in flatione queruntur, et cum sudore totius corporis importuno, frigidos articulos saepe patiuntur, indigestione laborant, ructus suos insuaves perhorrescunt, viscerum dolores habent.. [Anatomy of Melancholy]

    Omnes capitis dolores et phantasmata tollit; scias nullam herbam in terris huic comparandam viribus et bonitate nasci.. [Anatomy of Melancholy]

    It was allso agreenable in our sinegear clutchless, touring the no placelike no timelike absolent, mixing up pettyvaughan popu-lose with the magnumoore genstries, lloydhaired mersscenary blookers with boydskinned pigttetails and goochlipped gwendo-lenes with duffyeyed dolores; like so many unprobables in their poor suit of the improssable.. [Finnegans Wake]

    Semper autem aegrotis miseris cruciatus maximus et dolores perpetui inde flunt.. [An account of the manners and customs of the Aborigines and the state of their relations with Europeans, by Edward John Eyre]

    Satis propè hunc locum in orientem, est Ecclesia quæ dicitur, de Domina nostra magna: et indè non remotè alia, quæ dicitur nostræ Dominæ latinorum, ædificata super locum, vbi Maria Magdalene, et Maria Cleophæ cum alijs pluribus, dum Christus cruci affigebatur, flebant et dolores lamentabiles exercebant.. [The Voyages and Travels of Sir John Mandeville]

    Quien se casa por amores, ha de vivir con dolores (He who marries for love must live in grief), says the Spanish proverb.. [Essays of Schopenhauer]

    Hieme pluviosa, regnante dolores renovantur; tametsi tempore sereno equitatio profuit.. [Travels through France and Italy]

    And although the neglect of our times, wherein few men do hold any consultations touching the reformation of their life (as Seneca excellently saith, De partibus vitae quisque deliberat, de summa nemo), may make this part seem superfluous; yet I must conclude with that aphorism of Hippocrates, Qui gravi morbo correpti dolores non sentiunt, iis mens aegrotat.. [The Advancement of Learning]

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