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What do we mean by Domain?

A territory over which rule or control is exercised. noun

A sphere of activity, influence, or knowledge: synonym: field. noun

The set of all possible values of an independent variable of a function. noun

An open connected set that contains at least one point. noun

A group of networked computers that share a common communications address. noun

Any of numerous contiguous regions in a ferromagnetic material in which the direction of spontaneous magnetization is uniform and different from that in neighboring regions. noun

Any of three primary divisions of organisms, consisting of the eukaryotes, bacteria, and archaea, that rank above a kingdom in taxonomic systems based on similarities of DNA sequences. noun

The land of one with paramount title and absolute ownership. noun

In mathematics: A set of numbers when the sums, differences, products, and quotients of any numbers in the set (excluding only the quotients of division by 0) always yield as results numbers belonging to the set. noun

The space within which a given function is developable in a series in powers of z–a: termed the domain of the point, z = adjective noun

In function-theory, the region of the z-plane within a circle about a as center with any radius less than the distance from a to the nearest critical point: called the domain of its center a. noun

Dominion; province of action; range or extent of authority: as, to trench on one's domain by interference. noun

The territory over which dominion is exercised; the territory ruled over by a sovereign, or under the government of a commonwealth: as, the domains of Great Britain. noun

An estate in land; landed property. noun

The land about the mansion-house of a lord, and in his immediate occupancy. noun

In law, ownership of land; immediate or absolute ownership; permanent or ultimate ownership. In the last two senses the word coincides with demain, demesne. noun

The range or limits of any department of knowledge or sphere of action, or the scope of any particular subject: as, the domain of religion, science, art, letters, agriculture, commerce, etc.; the judicial domain. noun

In logic, the breadth, extension, circuit, or sphere of a notion. noun

In the United States, the lands owned by the federal government or by a State; the public lands held for sale or reserved for specific uses. noun

A geographic area owned or controlled by a single person or organization.

A field or sphere of activity, influence or expertise.

A group of related items, topics, or subjects.

The set of all possible mathematical entities (points) where a given function is defined.

The set of input (argument) values for which a function is defined.

A ring with no zero divisors; that is, in which no product of nonzero elements is zero.

An open and connected set in some topology. For example, the interval (0,1) as a subset of the real numbers.

Any DNS domain name, particularly one which has been delegated and has become representative of the delegated domain name and its subdomains.

A collection of DNS or DNS-like domain names consisting of a delegated domain name and all its subdomains.

A collection of information having to do with a domain, the computers named in the domain, and the network on which the computers named in the domain reside.

The collection of computers identified by a domain's domain names.

A small region of a magnetic material with a consistent magnetization direction.

Such a region used as a data storage element in a bubble memory.

(data processing) A form of technical metadata that represent the type of a data item, its characteristics, name, and usage.

The highest rank in the classification of organisms, above kingdom; in the three-domain system, one of the taxa Bacteria, Archaea, or Eukaryota.

A folded section of a protein molecule that has a discrete function; the equivalent section of a chromosome

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* This domain is associated with indienationmag. com, which hosts “Indie Nation” magazine. Science Fiction Awards Watch » Blog Archive » Lily Who?

Below is list of current portfolio, taking bids via PM if anyone is interested in making an offer for any of the domain or domain+ website. Digital Point Forums

It rein­forces my belief that our domain is a bit of a misnomer. Snark Defined « Snarkmarket

When copying and pasting commands from a menu domain to a title domain, the JumpSS commands are now converted automatically to CallSS, and vice-versa. 2BakSa.Net

Again, driven by spam sites which pop up and die off quickly, the age of the domain is usually a clue they tend to be in for the long haul. Secret Out – How Google Ranks Websites « Lorelle on WordPress

Our cat knows who the queen of the domain is and is quite sure that anti-puppyism is the one true faith. Think Progress » VIDEO: Republicans Facing An Identity Crisis — ‘Party Of Yes’ Or ‘Party Of Hell No?’

From what I’ve been able to determine, a change in domain status, and that means just about any part of the domain, is an indicator to Google that something has “changed”. Secret Out – How Google Ranks Websites « Lorelle on WordPress

They then hunt for what they call "domain experts" by advertising on Facebook, enlisting consultant-for-hire services such as Evisors, and simply calling around. SFGate: Don Asmussen: Bad Reporter

Why can’t they let us download this and use it on our own domain, you can lock the files so that you can put your own ads in it … i don’t care but it has to work on my server with with my reply mike jones Zenbe: Next-Generation Webmail, With A Platform Twist

They then hunt for what they call "domain experts" by advertising on Facebook, enlisting consultant-for-hire services such as Evisors, and simply calling around. SFGate: Don Asmussen: Bad Reporter

Most, though, have your “main domain” in root for the hosting and then have other domains in subfolders beneath the root folder. Creating multiple websites on one hosting plan | Johnny B. Truant

Our cat knows who the queen of the domain is and is quite sure that anti-puppyism is the one true faith. Think Progress » VIDEO: Republicans Facing An Identity Crisis — ‘Party Of Yes’ Or ‘Party Of Hell No?’

You need to look at an even starker reason why the debate over eminent domain is moot: on the basis of cases like Kelo, Poletown and Atlantic Yards, a reasonable observer (who does not have to make his living before them) will conclude that the courts are corrupt, their conclusions are foregone, and any arguments are only window dressing. The Volokh Conspiracy » Is the Debate Over Eminent Domain “Empty and Incoherent”?

For instance, if your domain is thesmithfamily. org, using GAppsFYD, you could set up a bunch of users who get Gmail, GCal, a personalised start page, and chat all with usernames like [email protected], [email protected] org. What Does Google Apps for Your Domain Actually Do? | Lifehacker Australia

When the user tries to edit the BOVs of a title domain that has not been scanned for BOVs yet, the error dialog now offers to scan for BOVs now. 2BakSa.Net

Sending people into space to explore the extra-terrestrial domain is only slightly more practical than shrinking people in order to explore the microscopic domain. Matthew Yglesias » By Request: Space Flight

So that combination allows me to follow most of the talk (because I understand the way she approaches the problem), but tells me a lot of things that are new and interesting (because the domain is new to me). 2009 May 24 | Serendipity

• is a placeholder for the name of the domain that the server joins. Site Home

Does this mean that in Israel a valid reason for using eminent domain is ‘because Jews need it’? offended Says: Matthew Yglesias » Israel Grabs More Palestinian Land, Sets Stage for Further Illegal Colonization of Palestinian Territory

BUT, then I logged in just as domain user (without the @domain. local) -- and much to my surprise, IT WORKED. MacWindows

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