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Definitions of "domineer"

  • To rule over or control arbitrarily or arrogantly; tyrannize. verb-transitive
  • To exercise arbitrary or arrogant rule or control. verb-intransitive
  • To rule over or control arbitrarily or arrogantly; to tyrannize. verb
  • To rule with insolence or arbitrary sway; to play the master; to be overbearing; to tyrannize; to bluster; to swell with conscious superiority or haughtiness; -- often with over. verb
  • To rule in an overbearing or arrogant manner; have or get the upper hand.
  • To give orders or directions in an arrogant, blustering manner; make an overbearing assertion of authority; play the master: often with over.
  • Synonyms To tyrannize.
  • To swagger, lord it.
  • To govern; sway; influence.
  • rule or exercise power over (somebody) in a cruel and autocratic manner verb

The word "domineer" in example sentences

They have coaches who bully and domineer, who abuse them sexually and emotionally.. [Katherine Starr: Keep Our Child Athletes Safe]

If they domineer to the point of suffocating you, stay away.. [Deepak Chopra: How to Deal With Difficult (Even Impossible) People]

Those, indeed, who rule for the public good, are true examples and specimens of his beneficence, while those who domineer unjustly and tyrannically are raised up by him to punish the people for their iniquity.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Thoughts on the Revolution (?) in Kyrgyzstan]

I do not permit a woman to be a teacher, nor must woman domineer over man; she should be quiet.. [Sensual Encounters: Monastic Women and Spirituality in Medieval Germany]

And we will need to return to Teddy Roosevelt's trust-busting to break apart financial firms so they no longer are too big too fail, or big enough to domineer over our elected officials.. [Les Leopold: Why Our Jobs Crisis From Hell Could Last Decades]

While the film Tetro is certainly about the naive worship a young boy can have for an older far-away sibling, its greater subject is patriarchy: men who domineer, impress and rule the family, whether by violence or prowess.. [Karin Badt: Francis Ford Coppola: His Own Life Story in New Film Tetro]

This is precisely the age at which males begin to domineer females of their species and challenge more established males.. [Frans de Waal: Another Chimp Bites the Dust]

If that is the future, if you value your brain, your intellect, your soul, you must cede the intellectual fields to the drug-fueled superhumans who will dominate and domineer over you unless you take the pills too.. [Are you taking drugs to enhance your intellectual performance?]

No, you exploit me and my power as you might use a horse to draw a load; you chide and domineer as if by some heroic deed you had earned the right to command me, when in fact, you stole me in the most furtive manner from King Casmir; do you still choose to hector me?. [Archive 2008-09-01]

The fairies also have their enchanted castles, and certain gigantic ghosts, that domineer over the regions round about them.. [Leviathan]

The same human nature which is always ready to domineer over the subservient, bids us defend ourselves against the aggressor.. [The History of the Peloponnesian War]

After the Persian War we were delivered by the help of our newly-acquired navy from the rule and supremacy of Lacedaemon; they had no more right to domineer over us than we over them, except the right of the stronger, which at the time they possessed.. [The History of the Peloponnesian War]

We have no aristocracies but in contemplation, all oligarchies, wherein a few rich men domineer, do what they list, and are privileged by their greatness.. [Anatomy of Melancholy]

For — nihil est magis intolerabile dite, there's nothing so intolerable, thou shalt be as the tassel of a goshawk, [5799] she will ride upon thee, domineer as she list, wear the breeches in her oligarchical government, and beggar thee besides.. [Anatomy of Melancholy]

[4790] Alcibiades was still dallying with wanton young women, immoderate in his expenses, effeminate in his apparel, ever in love, but why? he was over-delicate in his diet, too frequent and excessive in banquets, Ubicunque securitas, ibi libido dominatur; lust and security domineer together, as St. Hierome averreth.. [Anatomy of Melancholy]

Next to politicians, if I may distinguish them, are some of our priests (who make religion policy), if not far beyond them, for they domineer over princes and statesmen themselves.. [Anatomy of Melancholy]

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