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Hyphenation don jon
Pronunciations /ˈdɒndʒən/

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The fortified main tower of a castle; a keep. noun

The inner tower, keep, or stronghold of a castle. See cut under castle. noun

The chief tower, also called the keep; a massive tower in ancient castles, forming the strongest part of the fortifications. See Illust. of castle. noun

The fortified tower of a motte or early castle; a keep. noun

The main tower within the walls of a medieval castle or fortress noun

The fortified tower of a motte or early castle; a keep.

A defensive structure containing the home of a warlord and his family, central command for his military and base of operations for his regime. Urban Dictionary

Based on the movie Don Jon. Someone who masturbates excessively and picks up an insane amount of girls everywhere they go. Urban Dictionary

The way some retarded french people type dungeon in the mobile game summoners war Urban Dictionary

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The word "donjon" in example sentences

It held meetings in our big vault, which they called the donjon keep, and, naturally, when one of them was going on, boys were scarcer around the office than hen's teeth. ❋ Lorimer, George H (1903)

Although the donjon was a fundamental element of castle design from Norman times, Greenwich had no fortifications, no moat, and no visible sense of being a castle. ❋ Joanna Pitman (2006)

After passing the donjon, which is situated at the extreme end of the left wing, we went to the back of the chateau. ❋ Gaston Leroux (1897)

Not far from the donjon is the Decorated church of Saint Lawrence, where the usual late Gothic dies off into _Renaissance_ at the west end. ❋ Edward Augustus Freeman (1857)

The central tower, commonly called the donjon, was the castle's last line of defense. ❋ Unknown (2010)

It had a "donjon," or keep, which was generally occupied by the baron as ❋ Bill Nye (1873)

"donjon" of great antiquity, crenelated, with towers at each corner and the whole construction forming an admirable specimen of Hispano-Flemish architecture. ❋ George Wharton Edwards (1904)

Steep stairs led down from the walls to the lower courtyard, but the bridge led only one way, straight into the donjon, and we soon entered the meeting room. ❋ J.F. Lewis (2011)

A cry of wordless rage ripped free of my throat and I took flight straight at the donjon. ❋ J.F. Lewis (2011)

Forrest entered a section of the Big House by way of a massive, hewn-timber, iron-studded door that let in at the foot of what seemed a donjon keep. ❋ Unknown (2010)

After Eric posed for a few seconds on the steps of the chapel and then inexplicably flew off to the top of the donjon in a huff, Luc motioned for us to follow him into the castle. ❋ J.F. Lewis (2011)

I watched Eric disappear over the edge of the donjon, surprised to see his reflection in the water. ❋ J.F. Lewis (2011)

He stood halfway between us and the main donjon, wearing orange sweatpants, a matching hoodie, blue-tinted sunglasses, and those same Onmyodo shoes. ❋ J.F. Lewis (2011)

“Yes,” he answered as we walked across the grounds toward the donjon proper. ❋ J.F. Lewis (2011)

Casually smoking a cigarette, the man let his feet dangle over the edge at the top of the covered walkway that comprised the top section of an exterior wall protecting the donjon proper. ❋ J.F. Lewis (2011)

The peasants looked with fear on the donjon up on its mount. Last year, an uprising had been put down. The lord's men had come down and burned some [huts], and the leaders of [the rebellion] were publicly [flayed] and dismembered. ❋ The Birds And Trees (2007)

[Look at that] Donjon [over there] with his 6 [girls]. ❋ Week3hoh (2018)

[looking for] light [inu] [secret] donjon ❋ Qwioa8ehdsc Jf3 (2017)

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