Donkey Sled

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Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word donkey-sled. Define donkey-sled, donkey-sled synonyms, donkey-sled pronunciation, donkey-sled translation, English dictionary definition of donkey-sled.

Advanced version of donkey punch. You fuck at the top of or on stairs. Donkey punch her while inside her and ride her down the stairs like a sled. Maneuver is traditionally performed on stairs but can be done anywhere there is a decline. Can be preformed with any partner male or female as long as proper donkey punch technique is used and are able to ride the person down the decline. Urban Dictionary

When your doing a girl from behind and you wisper in her ear you have an STD she will try to get away... (Bucking Bronco)then, while she is trying to get away punch her in the back of the head with both hands to knock her out (Double donkey punch) lastly drag her violently to the top of the stairs (preferrably by the hair)shove your D in her A and ride that shit down the stairs tobagon style (tobagon sled) Urban Dictionary

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The word "donkey-sled" in example sentences

My girl is so mad about the other night. We were fucking on [the stairs] and while I was fucking her I [donkey punched] her and rode her down like a Donkey [Sled]. ❋ Ckluc83 (2019)

[have you ever] done the bucking bronco, double donkey punch tobagon sled? it was crazy! she [died]! [MORMON] ❋ Cum Bustin Bad Boy (2009)

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What does donkey sled mean?

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