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Hyphenation door
Pronunciations /dɔː/

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What do we mean by door?

A movable structure used to close off an entrance, typically consisting of a panel that swings on hinges or that slides or rotates. noun

A similar part on a piece of furniture or a vehicle. noun

A doorway. noun

The room or building to which a door belongs. noun

A means of approach or access. noun

To strike (a passing bicyclist, for example) by suddenly opening a vehicular door. transitive verb

To serve as a doorman or doorwoman of (a nightclub, for example). transitive verb

(at (someone's) door) As a charge holding someone responsible. idiom

(close/shut) To refuse to allow for the possibility of. idiom

(leave the door open) To allow for the possibility of. idiom

(show (someone) the door) To eject (someone) from the premises. idiom

(show (someone) the door) To terminate the employment of; fire. idiom

A movable barrier of wood, metal, stone, or other material, consisting sometimes of one piece, but generally of several pieces framed together, commonly placed on hinges, for closing a passage into a building, room, or other inclosure. noun

An opening for passage into or out of a building or any apartment of it, or any inclosure; a doorway. noun

Hence—3. An exterior or public entrance-way, or the house or apartment to which it leads. noun

Avenue; passage; means of approach or access, or of exit: commonly in figurative uses: as, the door of reconciliation; a door of escape. noun

Near to; bordering on; very nearly. noun

Hence, figuratively, quite gone; no more to be found; lost; irrelevant. noun

Figuratively, to ruin one. noun

A portal of entry into a building, room, or vehicle, consisting of a rigid plane movable on a hinge. Doors are frequently made of wood or metal. May have a handle to help open and close, a latch to hold the door closed and a lock that ensures the door cannot be opened without the key.

Any flap, etc. that opens like a door.

(immigration) An entry point.

A means of approach or access.

A barrier.

A software mechanism by which a user can interact with a program running remotely on a bulletin board system. See BBS door.

A device to walk trhough walls. Urban Dictionary

The correct singular of deer. If goose is the singular of geese, and tooth is the singular of teeth, door should be therefore be the singular of deer Urban Dictionary

What you lock to prevent people from knowing you're looking up porn Urban Dictionary

Triple G - Girly Gayass Guy Guy who acts like a girl, talks like a bitch, looks like a pussy Urban Dictionary

To hit or strike someone with a door, usually with agression or in self defense. Urban Dictionary

A door...hmm where do i start? a door is something that you open or slide in order to get into a room or out of a room doors usually have knobs in which you twist to open the door Urban Dictionary

Its a banana Urban Dictionary

A door is a magical fucking thing that makes it so you can go threw walls Urban Dictionary

A door is a person who is extremely flat... not thick Urban Dictionary

A magical invention that keeps people out of my fucking room Urban Dictionary

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The word "door" in example sentences

Looks to me like the door opening leading to the garage should be raised and fitted with an 8′ model door+/- to match the kitchen. ❋ Unknown (2007)

(_He opens the door, starts to go through it, then stops, turns and looks at the Woman, is drawn slowly backward by his gaze and comes in closing the door_) No! WOMAN. ❋ Elizabeth Apthorp McFadden (N/A)

KATHLEEN [_Opening door of kitchen toward the end of FRAU QUIXANO'S speech, but turning back, with her hand visible on the door_] ❋ Israel Zangwill (1895)

Still he did not return, but supposing him not far off, and wanting to get to bed herself, tired as she was, she left the door unbarred and went to the stairs, after writing on the back of the door with chalk: _Mind and do the door_ (because he was a forgetful man). ❋ Thomas Hardy (1884)

At Easypet we understand and therefore offer a comfortable door to door* pet transportation service ensuring that each pet receives the individual attention it deserves. ❋ Unknown (2009)

STANDISH _below door down_ L. TRENT, MRS. CROSBY, MISS EASTWOOD C. _above door_ L. WIL.IAM _up_ R.C. _All watch_ MASON. ❋ Bayard Veiller (1906)

By way, too, of further proof that my imagination had awakened, the significance of that knocking at the door set something vibrating within me that most surely had never vibrated before, so that I suddenly realized with what atmosphere of mystical suggestion is the mere act of knocking surrounded -- _knocking at a door_ -- both for him who knocks, wondering what shall be revealed on opening, and for him who stands within, waiting for the summons of the knocker. ❋ Joseph Lewis French (1897)

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock; _if any man hear my voice, and open the door_, I will come in to him, and sup with him, and he with me. ❋ Andrew Lee (N/A)

He then crosses up to_ L. _of the cupboard door at back centre and leans on his elbow against the wall_.) (_Enter_ DELIA _from the door_ R.) ❋ Unknown (1919)

She leaves the outer door open after her, and through it is seen a_ PORTER _who is carrying a Christmas Tree and a basket, which he gives to the_ MAID _who has opened the door_.) _Nora_. ❋ Henrik Ibsen (1867)

Now I'll go to him; -- but his door is opening, _the door_ from which full oft I've sallied forth drunk with excess of cheer (_He stands aside. ❋ Titus Maccius Plautus (1847)

In Essex, bouncers, now dignified by the term door supervisors, are being given powers to hand out fixed penalty notices for drunkenness. ❋ Unknown (2010)

May 9th, 2008 2: 14 pm ET the obama train door is still wide open and people are trickling in ❋ Unknown (2008)

May 8th, 2008 5: 24 pm ET the obama train door is still wide open and people are trickling in ❋ Unknown (2008)

A Liverpool victory could open the title door for bitter rivals United to win a fourth consecutive crown - something that would nudge them past the Reds 'haul of 18 league crowns. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Pity the recruit who later uses the term door (hatch), bathroom (head) or hat (cover) in the presence of a drill instructor. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Pity the recruit who later uses the term door (hatch), bathroom ❋ Unknown (2010)

there is a door [on the wall]. you can [use it] to [walk] to the other side. ❋ Icanwalkthroughwalls (2009)

A door was caught in [headlights] of the car that was driving down [the dark] [road]. ❋ ;aijf Opiwrutp;j;vljsadpfow (2019)

*[Door] [clicks]* "DAAAAYYYUM!" ❋ Buggy424 (2008)

[Man the fuck up] and stop [acting] like [a fucking] door ❋ TripleG (2011)

Man, i just [doored] [the fuck out of] that [asshole]. ❋ Mr_goodnuts (2004)

[patty] [could you] [open the door]? ❋ Briget (2004)

[woah]! [look at that] door!!! ❋ Uiopasdfghjklzxcvbnfghfs (2019)

[hey look] [theres] a door ❋ Fluffyblud (2020)

[omg] [julia] is such a door like where is her [cake] ❋ Defanitiongiverxoxo (2020)

don't [make me] [shut] this door! ❋ ,mQWSDFKHDLK;S (2020)

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