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What does the word doorless mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word doorless in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with doorless and anagrams of doorless.

Definitions of "doorless"

  • Without a door. adjective
  • Without a door. adjective

The word "doorless" in example sentences

He'd been installed in a kind of doorless closet at the end of the tiny sick ward-not out of any consideration for his privacy, but so that it wouldn't be immediately obvious to outsiders that he didn't fit in with the general run of Fleet patients.. [The Serpent's Shadow]

But at the doorless entrance to the lazarette aft, he threw caution to the winds and darted in in pursuit of the new scent that came to his nostrils.. [CHAPTER IV]

Curt Jacobsen, a Pasadena, Calif., resident who travels three of every four weeks to oversee delivery and implementation for a software company, is disenchanted with doorless showers.. [Grand Hotel, Starring the Shower]

I feel like I've been dropped in a windowless, doorless cement room.. [A Letter to Saint Francis de Sales – Patron Saint for Writers]

As he walked back through the kitchen, he bent over and flipped up the loose hinge on the doorless oven.. [The Suicider (draft)]

Pacific Central Station with the doorless stall was two blocks away.. [Do It Myself Blog – Glenda Watson Hyatt » 2009 » June]

All of the other stalls had a door, but the accessible stall was doorless.. [Do It Myself Blog – Glenda Watson Hyatt » 2009 » June]

An old, broken-down car — a 50s model Studebaker painted in day-glo swirls — sits rusting in our doorless detached garage.. [John Lennon Slept Here (Or Was It Ringo?)]

Several Loop Fans have called and written to express concern that a West Wing floor map in Wednesday's column appears to have deputy White House counsel/solicitor general nominee Don Verrilli trapped in a doorless office.. [Even Obama mega-bundlers must play nice]

Barabas aimed his jeep right at the running man, leaned out the doorless side, pointed his gun, and hit the gas.. [The Thieves of Darkness]

I could see car tracks winding through the grass toward the doorless Acadian cottage that was used to store hay.. [The Glass Rainbow]

I could see an abandoned Acadian cottage, its windows boarded, the gallery sagging, hay bales stacked inside the doorless entranceway.. [The Glass Rainbow]

A few black leather benches broke up the monotony of an endless ribbon of pale gray, doorless walls.. [Black Magic]

I stepped up on the cypress stump and leaned forward until I could see into the doorless cabin.. [The Convict and Other Stories]

“Why you wanna take pictures of this place?” one of the other patients had asked, as Lizzie peered through the viewfinder at the scarred metal of the doorless bathroom stalls.. [Fly Away Home]

Their doorless main entrances gaped wide atop mossy ramps, but the windows were mere slits.. [do you ever read writing?]

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@APurpleLifeBlog But how many of them can you cram into a single square doorless room?


My momom once took my whole door off before.I was doorless for like 6 months


@prpltnkr When hinges creak in doorless chambers...

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