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Definitions of "doping"

  • The use of a drug or blood product to improve athletic performance. noun
  • Present participle of dope. verb
  • The use of drugs to improve athletic performance. noun
  • The addition of small quantities of an element to a semiconductor to change its characteristics. noun

The word "doping" in example sentences

He also faces a possibility that he could get a reduced penalty, something less than the usual two-year suspension handed out to most first-time offenders in doping cases.. [The Explainer: Say it ain’t so, Alberto]

Torri stuck by his guns, saying that doping is inevitable in professional sport and said that dopers are always one step ahead of anti-doping controllers.. [Torri’s ‘all cyclists doped’ comment draws fire]

Sports proves that performance doping is irresistible when money and prestige are on the line.. [Scary Smart: The Next Trillion-Dollar Industry]

In order to calm congregations, training in doping incense with teargas, crippling but non-lethal wielding of thuribles and the use of taser tipped bishops crooks has begun.. [Bridging divisions the Anglican way « Anglican Samizdat]

He has intimated before that 40% of professional athletes could be involved in doping today.. [Ben Johnson: 'My revelations will shock the sporting world']

The current crusade to eliminate doping is much like the old crusade to eliminate professional athletes from the Olympics.. [How We Would Fight Steroids If We Really Meant It - Freakonomics Blog -]

The aesthetics of doping is too much for sponsors and for fans.. [How We Would Fight Steroids If We Really Meant It - Freakonomics Blog -]

RICO CHARGED: French charge cyclist in doping case. [Cavendish wins fourth stage; Evans stays in yellow]

French charge cyclist Ricco in doping case - USATODAY. com. [French charge cyclist Ricco in doping case]

"Athletes who believe that gene doping is not detectable are in for quite a surprise," said Arne Ljungqvist, chairman of the IOC's medical commission.. [WADA chief: Anti-doping progress has been a miracle]

On Thursday, Mayer dropped defamation lawsuits against the heads of the IOC and World Anti-Doping Agency, who had suggested he might have been involved in doping Austrian athletes during the 2006 Games.. [IOC to hold first hearings on doping during 2006 Winter Olympics]

That includes a mandatory pledge from riders they have not been involved in doping and the submission of DNA samples to verify positive tests.. [Tour de France's downhill slide caused by scandals]

Those flagged in doping scandals are always out looking for the true culprits, with the same resolve that O.J. is using to find the real killer.. [ - If Landis is guilty, he should confess]

USATODAY. com - Landis goes public with defense in doping case. [ - Landis goes public with defense in doping case]

Before that, though, he couldn't resist a parting shot at "the people who don't believe in cycling, the cynics and the skeptics" who suspect that doping is rife and fueled his dominance of the past seven years.. [ - Lance Armstrong wins 7th consecutive Tour de France]

Doctor blamed in doping Ukraine loses bronze though IOC exec calls rowers 'innocent.'. []

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For your reading pleasure. Why "Proof of Doping" Is a Strawman Argument - #cycling #running…


@Lcronin122 Test every Young horse that dies 4 doping, 2 doping positive results in deaths PULL THEIR RACING RIGHTS…


@britneyspears I advise you to practice swimming, running, dancing, and eating. I am an expert in bodybuilding with…

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