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Definitions of "doses"

  • Plural form of dose. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of dose. verb

The word "doses" in example sentences

I would say in all honesty and respect that “une petite récréation avec les toutous” in small and balanced doses, is surely entertaining and appreciated by everybody - but I do realize some would prefer to have them daily and I feel I have no say regarding the fact of pleasing the audience.. [The French word for plastered drunk... - French Word-A-Day]

Initiation of therapy at higher doses is not recommended.. [Succimer]

Methylene blue in high doses is itself an oxidant.. [Phenazopyridine]

Cate - Blood and guts are fine in doses, but you're right that they would have been out of place in this film.. [Rabid Rewind: Paranormal Activity]

Another reason for multiple doses is that immune responses last longer after more than one dose of some vaccines.. [Vaccine Schedules]

I have to take it in doses and just look up exactly what I am interested in at the moment.. [Brilliant Idea for a Pillow Designer]

The tragic irony is that the drugs other than cannabis that doctors would prescribe for symptoms of liver failure are often hepatoxic - harmful in long-term doses to the liver - or, as in Klahr's case, ineffective.. [Russ Belville: Oregon hospitals denying life saving organ transplants to legal medical marijuana patients]

However, after inhalation of three consecutive doses from a new diskus, he immediately complained of chest tightness and feeling of distress that were treated with oral diphenhydramine and inhaled bronchodilator at home.. [Allegic Reactions from Lactose in Dry Powder Asthma Inhalers]

Because the long-term safety of such high doses is unknown, “we are not touting taking vitamin E in large doses,” Morrow said.. [Benefit Of Vitamin E to Prevent Heart Attack Depends on Dosage | Impact Lab]

Five cases out of 2.5 million doses is quite small, especially compared to the number of cases of meningitis:. [Medpundit]

Women that are taking long term doses of estrogen need to be careful and make sure that they see their doctors regularly, that they don't develop breast cancer.. [CNN Transcript Sep 29, 2007]

By that standard, I loved watching the entirety of the political conventions in 2004, when they were really nearly unwatchable except in short doses, because it was fabulous raw material for blogging.. [Archive 2006-09-01]

Disney World and the Caribbean islands are fun in short doses, but most people choose not to live there.. [WoW-nnui]

It's best taken in short doses, one interview at a time, as despite the variety of responses from the interviewees it does all start to run together.. [Archive 2006-08-01]

I like my entertainment in short doses ... nothing lengthy ... like this diary for instance.. [unclebob Diary Entry]

These, however, are the effects of prompt doses, which is to say doses that occur on a time scale much shorter than the weeks-to-months time scale for cellular reproduction and bodily self-repair.. [The Case for Mars]

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Não tomem vodka com energético, varias doses de tequila e absinto galera


Combat burnout with leisure (plus high doses of love, moderate levels of exercise, nutrient-dense foods, sleep, per…


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@RealJamesWoods He looks and acts like he has mental health issues. Who wants to bet(o) he is on psychotropic daily…


@PsychRecovery @holly_hardman @christyhuffMD How is that not malpractice? Were these large doses?

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