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So they say, if he does Israel's bidding, Israel will put in a good word with Washington, and Gamal will get his Pschent double-crown. Michael Vlahos: A Turkish Renovatio ?

"Your wedding band might have been part of Pharaoh Ramses II's double-crown once," Lahr explained. The Bear and the Dragon

In thy wrestling, O all-praised (mentioned by name), thou hast endured double suffering, having mixed with the sweat of abstemiousness the blood of martyrdom; wherefore, O holy one, the Benefactor hath also granted thee a double-crown, unto Whom thou art gone up brightly adorned as a virgin all unblemished and as a martyr invincible. The General Menaion or the Book of Services Common to the Festivals of our Lord Jesus of the Holy Virgin and of Different Orders of Saints

She wore the royal robes of Khem, the double-crown of Khem fashioned of gold, and wreathed with the uraeus snakes, was set upon her head; in her hand was the crystal cross of The World's Desire

This store is not composed mainly, or even largely, of the coins of the nation which owns the store; it consists of the sovereigns of England, the louis of France, the Willems d'or of Holland, the eight-florin pieces of Austria, the double-crown of Germany, the half-imperials of Jennie Baxter, Journalist

Westminster: Malibu's wire fox terrier Eira goes for the double-crown dogs prefer -- but like millions of other lovers of canines of all kinds, I'll be tuning in Monday to watch the Morrison: The Supreme Court and the slaughterhouse Controlling wolves: War on wildlife or basic necessity? News -

This large sandstone statue of the pharaoh Amenhotep IV shows him with a double-crown, on top of his "nemes" royal headdress. Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Local News

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