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Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word doughlike. Define doughlike, doughlike synonyms, doughlike pronunciation, doughlike translation, English dictionary definition of doughlike.

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The word "doughlike" in example sentences

But this batter is quickly cooked, the flour absorbs the water, the starch gelatinizes, and the mixture becomes stiff, more doughlike. ❋ Michael Ruhlman (2009)

The batter is thick and doughlike - in part because of the fairly generous amount of flour and in part because there are chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, pecans the original recipe called for walnuts and shredded cocnut - and the only problem I had with the recipe was getting it into an even layer in the pan. ❋ Unknown (2006)

An obese white man in a straw hat, with a doughlike face and a shotgun propped on his thigh, was watching them from atop his horse. ❋ James Lee Burke (2002)

Buttermilk was not a rotund, happy, doughlike creature, as his name might suggest. ❋ James Lee Burke (2002)

It turned out to be something other than what was expected, however, for the doughlike visage was wearing its look due to the man's station, not his message. ❋ Gygax, Gary (1987)

For a fleeting second she again remembered, with guilt and against her wish, the tortoiselike, slightly pendulous pouches of Stiarkoz, the doughlike sinking of his flesh when touched. ❋ Shirley Conran (1982)

_ When boiling sulphur is poured into cold water it assumes a gummy, doughlike form, which is quite elastic. ❋ William McPherson (N/A)

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