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Definitions of "download"

  • To transfer (data or a program) from a central computer or website to a peripheral computer or device. intransitive verb
  • To download data or a program. intransitive verb
  • A file that has been downloaded. noun
  • An instance of downloading data or a program. noun
  • A file transfer to the local computer, especially one in progress. noun
  • A file that has been, or will be transferred in this way. noun
  • To transfer (computer data, especially as one or more files) from a remote computer (server) to a local computer, usually via a network. verb
  • upload; to copy a file from a local computer to a remote computer via a network. verb
  • to transfer a file to or from removable media. verb
  • to install software. verb
  • transfer a file or program from a central computer to a smaller computer or to a computer at a remote location verb

The word "download" in example sentences

For instance, the download is available as a 3MB file, or as smaller “DISKS”.. [ » Blog Archive » NCSA Mosaic and the Truly Vintage Web]

You might want to clarify that the download is the first three sections, not the first three chapters (as you say in your post).. [What Tim and John have to do with pie (and why you should check them out) | Johnny B. Truant]

It seems odd, I'm pretty sure you have a US credit card and a download is a download.. [Technological Scum]

# the result from the download is actually a tuple with three elements.. [Download Files Async With Gio And Python | [email protected]]

Sadly the download is not possible when you live in Germany ..... [Angels' Pawn & RomCon]

It was right there in that first download from the muse in the fabric store.. [An Interview with Mike Allen]

The notes for this course are available for free download from a site we've created to support this training. (from Mark Walker) (tags: socialmedia blogging websites training howto). [links for 2009-07-27 « Using technology in the voluntary and community sector]

Just to let you know, the liturgical book for the celebrations of the Holy Father during his upcoming pilgrimage to the Holy Land is available for download from the Vatican website.. [Missal for Papal Visit to Holy Land]

As this site is all about author education, I am sharing it with you – just right click to download from the link below.. [Award Winning Marketing Plan - Free Download | The Creative Penn]

Are they saying each download is a lost sale and you are now a tax evader?. [p2pnet World Headlines – June 4, 2009]

Al momento le velocità massime supportate dai cellulari della Nokia (6720 classic, 6710 navigator, E55, 5630 XpressMusic) sono di 10. 2Mbps in download (HSDPA) e di 2. 0Mbps in upload (HSUPA). (fonte: GigaOM) [...] iWeb Blog » iWeb Tech News Highlights: MySQL, netbooks, LTE with Nokia and Facebook. [Nokia Plans LTE Devices for 2010]

And instead of downloading from peers like torrent we download from a secure encrypted news-server.. [New p2pnet ad partner]

The big deal, though, is that I can download from the Kindle store at Amazon which has the largest selection of ebooks anywhere.. [Kindle 2]

And now the part you've all been waiting for - the random numbers have spoken and the winner of the free Even Demons Get the Blues download is LouiseD.. [Guest Author: Maree Anderson - Even Demons Get The Blues]

There have been rumors flying around that the download is going to be late by a day.. [Counting Down to iPhone 3.0 OS]

And now the part you've all been waiting for - the random numbers have spoken and the winner of the free Even Demons Get the Blues download is LouiseD.. [Archive 2009-06-01]

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