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Definitions of "dramatic"

  • Of or relating to drama or the theater. adjective
  • Characterized by or expressive of the action or emotion associated with drama or the theatre: a dramatic rescue at sea. adjective
  • Arresting or forceful in appearance or effect: a dramatic sunset. adjective
  • Music Having a powerful, expressive singing voice: a dramatic tenor. adjective
  • Of or relating to the drama. adjective
  • Striking in appearance or effect. adjective
  • Having a powerful, expressive singing voice. adjective
  • Of or pertaining to the drama. adjective
  • suitable to or characteristic of or having the qualities of, a drama; theatrical. Opposite of undramatic. adjective
  • striking in appearance or effect; vivid; having a thrilling effect. adjective
  • marked by power and expressiveness and a histrionic or theatrical style; -- of a singer or singing voice. Contrasted to lyric. adjective
  • Of or pertaining to the drama; represented by action; appropriate to or in the form of a written or acted drama: as, dramatic action; a dramatic poem.
  • Employing the form or manner of the drama; writing or acting dramatically or theatrically: as, a dramatic poet; a dramatic speaker.
  • Characterized by the force and animation in action or expression appropriate to the drama; expressed with action, or with the effect of action: as, a dramatic description; a dramatic appeal.
  • suitable to or characteristic of drama adjective
  • used of a singer or singing voice that is marked by power and expressiveness and a histrionic or theatrical style adjective
  • sensational in appearance or thrilling in effect adjective
  • pertaining to or characteristic of drama adjective

The word "dramatic" in example sentences

The _dramatic monologue_ is a poem in which a dramatic situation is presented, or perhaps a story is told, by one speaker.. [Lady of the Lake]

Mr. Holder said the crackdown—a combination of arrests and stricter restrictions on how pain medication is dispersed—is already having an effect, creating what he called a dramatic decline in oxycodone prescriptions and sales.. [Latest Florida 'Pill Mill' Crackdown Leads to 22 Arrests]

In discussing what he called "dramatic" steps already taken by the United States and international community, including sanctions against Libya, Carney said there is no timetable for further decisions.. [US Stresses Next Steps on Libya Must be Coordinated]

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Sunday, Jawad Fairooz, a senior lawmaker with Al Wefaq, stressed that despite what he called a "dramatic" crackdown by government forces against peaceful protesters, negotiations could begin as soon as foreign troops left Bahrain and the country's own military was pulled from the streets.. [Violent Putdowns Intensify Dilemma in Region]

That's what we call dramatic irony, that the leader of the resistance relies on enemy tech to live.. [Terminator: First Draft]

Senator McCain says he's more optimistic than ever that the surge policy sending those 30,000 additional combat troops here into Iraq is working and is providing what he calls dramatic security gains across Iraq.. [CNN Transcript Mar 17, 2008]

President Bush accusing Russia of what he called a dramatic and brutal escalation of its invasion of Georgia.. [CNN Transcript Aug 11, 2008]

JOHN ROBERTS, CNN ANCHOR: Happening now, breaking news: President Bush condemns what he calls a dramatic and brutal escalation of force by Russia.. [CNN Transcript Aug 11, 2008]

Even as the Bush administration prepares to carry out what it calls a dramatic ramp-up of the evacuation of Americans from Lebanon.. [CNN Transcript Jul 18, 2006]

He is touting what he calls a dramatic reduction in the federal budget deficit this year, at about $247 billion.. [CNN Transcript Oct 11, 2006]

Members from all parties complemented the management of GCIS for what they termed a dramatic turn-around in government communications, in a period of less than a year.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

Despite this, he expressed the association's severe disquiet at what he termed the dramatic increase in violence since the talks resumed on Monday.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

The romantic and the dramatic is always somewhere else than where you happen to be.. [Our Times Viewed From a World Perspective]

The romantic and the dramatic is always somewhere else than where we happen to be.. [Our Times Viewed From a World Perspective]

So when he attempts even a love song, such as "The Last Ride Together," or a ballad, such as "The Pied Piper," he regards his subject from an unusual viewpoint and produces what he calls a dramatic lyric.. [Outlines of English and American Literature : an Introduction to the Chief Writers of England and America, to the Books They Wrote, and to the Times in Which They Lived]

What one always admired, and can still admire in engravings and other copies, is what we call the dramatic character of the picture, the way in which the painter has so arranged his figures as to make them tell a story in a lively, graphic fashion.. [Raphael A Collection Of Fifteen Pictures And A Portrait Of The Painter With Introduction And Interpretation]

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Dramatic Word Data

  • Pronunciations(drə-mătˈĭk)
  • Character8
  • Hyphenation dra mat ic


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