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What does the word driven mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word driven in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with driven and anagrams of driven.

Definitions of "driven"

  • Past participle of drive. verb
  • Piled up or carried along by a current: driven snow. adjective
  • Motivated by or having a compulsive quality or need: a driven person. adjective
  • Caused, sustained, or stimulated: an export-driven economic recovery. adjective
  • Powered, operated, or controlled: a piston-driven airplane; a menu-driven software program. adjective
  • Past participle of drive verb
  • Obsessed; passionately motivated to achieve goals. adjective
  • Formed into snowdrifts by wind. adjective
  • of drive. Also adj. past-participle
  • Past participle of drive. noun
  • strongly motivated to succeed adjective
  • compelled forcibly by an outside agency adjective
  • urged or forced to action through moral pressure adjective

The word "driven" in example sentences

The same appears to be, "That are not driven to behold those wretched cares, which I _am driven_, &c.". [A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Volume 2]

But the awful events ended not there: the royal object of that great day's pageant is himself gone to another world; and the Duchess d'Angoulême, again driven from the throne of her ancestors, has once more become a hopeless exile!. [The Scottish Chiefs]

We think part of the reason for that is it's a title driven business and the titles that we've had in the marketplace are strong and attractive and there's brand value as well.. [ Home Page]

My characterizing liberals as economically illiterate and emotionally driven is based on their actions versus what I understand of economics.. [Think Progress » Tea party leaders say they would ‘absolutely’ abolish Social Security.]

In other words, if there is any sexual hanky-panky involved, whether it is homosexual or heterosexual, the individual should be driven from the military.. [Think Progress » Army Secretary says Gates has placed a de facto moratorium on DADT discharges.]

These tools will be driven from the actual advice shared in my weekly motivational Transformation Talks.. [Nikki Stone: Acknowledge Your Front Row]

The Oracle provided a vague and ambiguous response to the Emperor, which naturally led to the conclusion that Christianity had to be driven from the Empire.. [Bring Back Donatism! | Heretical Ideas Magazine]

DeerHunter: What a preposterous sentiment, MaryG, and for proposing it, you should be hooted and name-called and driven from the conversation.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Why Catholics and Jews?]

I just hope that in 3 and 1/2 years from now there is still a country and hint a of a real economy that is driven from the private sector.. [Senate committee starts revising health care reform proposal]

Of course, he was excoriated and driven from the party for it.. [Matthew Yglesias » The Right Doesn’t Think Deficits Are a Problem]

The mill should have been belt-driven from the beginning.. [CNC Z-axis fixed! « The Half-Baked Maker]

I used to cook a lot years ago, but now I'm just plain driven by my work.. [Maria Rodale: A Visit to My Kitchen: Jeffery Smith]

When good users are driven from the site, FB loses too (see: MySpace).. [Is Facebook the New Spam Heaven?]

The state of Maryland has so many government employees, it has no reason to create a business-friendly environment, and thus private jobs are driven from the state.. [Roscoe G. Bartlett (R)*]

Here she was halted, and she was driven from the train of thought by a strong pull and a series of jerks on the line.. [CHAPTER XVI]

When we prevent a corporation from engaging in fraud or endangering its workers we do not harm capitalism, but rather save honest businesses from being driven from the marketplace.. [William K. Black: Capitalism Would Have Killed the Chilean Miners: A Reply to Mr. Henninger]

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(bak). drive.(bak). drive.

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  • Pronunciations(drĭvˈən)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation driv en


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