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Hyphenation driz zly
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Definitions and meanings of "Drizzly"

What do we mean by drizzly?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word drizzly. Define drizzly, drizzly synonyms, drizzly pronunciation, drizzly translation, English dictionary definition of drizzly.

The act of having sex and ejaculating inside of the partner and immediately inserting ice cream in side then having the partner stand over a bowl and letting the concoction flow into the bowl. Urban Dictionary

When it is raining lightly outside... Urban Dictionary

1. The drizzly shits. 2. An expression of disappointment. Urban Dictionary

The technical term for peeing out of your butt Urban Dictionary

A bad dose of loose bowels. The trots. Urban Dictionary

Rap family, Mainly a group or a duo joined together /#drizzlyquinns From the song EvilFace Urban Dictionary

Rap family, Mainly a group or a duo joined together /#drizzlyquinns From the song EvilFace Urban Dictionary

Getting completely waisted!! Urban Dictionary

Of great style or to be funny Urban Dictionary

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The word "drizzly" in example sentences

ROBERTS: Well, from New England all the way down south, it's just one of those foggy, kind of drizzly days. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It was pouring, and then ultimately, it would be kind of drizzly, and then it would be icy cold. ❋ Unknown (2000)

I lived in Cleveland for a short time as a kid and remembered it being kind of drizzly and grey, climate-wise. ❋ ColoradoPatriot (2010)

Her gaze shifted to the windows, where a drizzly rain grayed the skies, then settled back on him, the piercing green of her eyes dulled with sorrow. ❋ Alix Rickloff (2011)

Too right, who wants a drizzly warm winter, followed by a drizzly cold summer? ❋ Unknown (2011)

It's worth spending a dank and drizzly autumn weekend finding out. ❋ Alison Flood (2010)

One more laying of the ward, and he could crawl out of the drizzly rain and back to his mattress. ❋ Alix Rickloff (2011)

It may be chilly and drizzly, but the penguin families are out for a day at the beach -- literally. ❋ Eileen Ogintz (2011)

That afternoon the sky became overcast again, and squally, drizzly weather set in. ❋ Unknown (2010)

But on a chilly, drizzly night at Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park, first one historic hole was filled, and then the other. ❋ Alexa Steele (2010)

The Richest Man in the World's official title holder, Jack Winslow, has a plan to abolish the drizzly season of Hamble by harnessing the power of a captured dwarf sun, but everyone who opposes his project seems to wind up flash fried - from the inside! ❋ Z0mbieastronaut (2009)

Outside Federal Aviation Administration headquarters on Independence Avenue SW, Bonnie Richards-Ryan was taking a cigarette break with a colleague in the cold, drizzly morning. ❋ Unknown (2011)

We're heading for the stars, she told new boyfriend Danny over a bottle of high-altitude fizz, fully aware that, 30,000 feet beneath her, on a drizzly patch of Weatherfield cobble, Steve McDonald was standing contemplating the prospect of 40 years manacled to Tracy Barlow with a face like an abandoned clay pit. ❋ Unknown (2012)

The show's grey and drizzly Glasgow setting differentiates it from The L Word's sunny Californian sheen as does its sense of humour. ❋ Rebecca Nicholson (2010)

She peered over her shoulder into the veil of drizzly mist closing in behind them. ❋ Alix Rickloff (2011)

Tea Party supporters gathered Thursday on a cold, drizzly day near the Capitol to remind lawmakers of their promises to make big cuts in spending. ❋ Unknown (2011)

It's cloudy and drizzly til about 1, so I have time for that. ❋ Miashell (2009)

hey [teddy] you never [guess what] [jen] let me do to he last night what she let me give her a drizzlyoh gross man ❋ Fatguyguyguy (2010)

"[Man], it is [drizzly], drizzly, [outside]." ❋ DrizzlyDrizzly (2009)

1. [Luanne] ate [too much cabbage] and got the drizzlies. 2. [We can't] go to Chicago? Man, that's the drizzlies. ❋ Cap'n Bullmoose (2005)

hey tim,do you want to have a [3way] with me and [lisa]?i want to but cant,[got a case of the] drizzlies ❋ The Illusion (2010)

[Solange] [got a case of the] drizzly shits [this morning]. ❋ Cap'n Bullmoose (2005)

Drizzly quinns are [making] [everybody] [go crazy] ❋ Horricthefilm (2021)

Drizzly quinns are [making] [everybody] [go crazy] ❋ Horricthefilm (2021)

hi dave [would you like to] come to pub tonight [yeah bob] i wanna be "gettin drizzly" tonight [boii] ❋ Bruno123456789 (2010)

Wow your [shoes] are [bussin bussin] [on drizzly] ❋ LBoyBen (2021)

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