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Definitions of "druggist"

  • A pharmacist or person who sells drugs in a store. noun
  • One who deals in drugs; one whose occupation is the buying and selling of drugs. noun
  • Specifically noun
  • One who compounds or pre-pares drugs according to medical prescriptions; an apothecary or pharmacist; a dispensing chemist. noun
  • One who deals in drugs; especially, one who buys and sells drugs without compounding them; one who owns or operates a drugstore. noun
  • one who compounds drugs or distributes drugs into containers for distribution to customers; a pharmacist or apothecary. noun
  • A manufacturer and vendor of drugs and medicines. noun
  • a health professional trained in the art of preparing and dispensing drugs noun

The word "druggist" in example sentences

Then she dressed and veiled herself and going to a certain druggist, who had a saloon with two doors, salamed to him and gave him an ashrafi and said to him, “Take this gold piece as a douceur for thy saloon and let it to me till the end of the day.”. [The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night]

Today there's a good chance that the druggist is minding the store and the malcontent is in Washington.. [Bipolar Disorder]

Today there's a good chance that the druggist is minding the store and the malcontent is in Washington.. [Bipolar Disorder]

When you refuse to take something just as good in this world, you'll usually find that the next time you call the druggist has the original Snicker's Sassafras Sneezer in stock.. [Old Gorgon Graham]

In the more important professions, especially in those dealing with what we call "matters of life and death," the shipmaster or pilot, doctor or druggist, is required not only to study his business, but to pass an examination under those who have already become past masters, and obtain a certificate or a diploma or some credential to show that he is fit to be intrusted with the direct responsibility for human life.. [Women and Economics: A Study of the Economic Relation Between Men and Women as a Factor in Social Evolution]

No, the druggist is a horse of a different colour, they all agree.. [The Road Leads On]

The druggist was the first person she "tackled" in her campaign.. [Janice Day at Poketown]

The druggist was a deep-dyed Democrat, and sniffed when she asked him what he thought of. [Aunt Jane's Nieces at Work]

There, as it should be, the druggist is a counsellor, a confessor, an adviser, an able and willing missionary and mentor whose learning is respected, whose occult wisdom is venerated and whose medicine is often poured, untasted, into the gutter.. [The Four Million]

Is it seriously meant that, if a druggist is a Swedenborgian, it would be better for himself and his customers that he should not know the difference between Epsom salts and oxalic acid?. [Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches — Volume 4]

It seems everyone has a new name except for pharmacists....although occasionally I'll have an LOL call me "druggist".. [Neologia]

In America he is called a "druggist," but "chemist" is better, even though it confuses a mere peddler of ammoniated quinine with Sir WILLIAM. [Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 146, January 28, 1914]

The other kind of druggist refuses to stock some things at all.. [Alcohol: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine, How and Why What Medical Writers Say]

The sugar-cane is called, in Latin, _Saccharum officinale_, that is, 'druggist's sugar,' because the product of this plant was so rare that it was sold only at the druggists 'shops.. [Aventures d'un jeune naturaliste. English]

(For faultless grooming — ask your druggist for Yodora shaving booklet.). [2009 January]

The druggist, Murali Gouro, said in an interview that Wheeler, an occasional customer, walked into Happy Harry's Pharmacy about 6 p.m. on Wednesday and asked Gouro to give him a ride to Wilmington.. [Ex-Army officer disoriented before death]

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Druggist Word Data

  • Pronunciationsdrŭg′ĭst
  • Character8
  • Hyphenation drug gist


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