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Definitions of "dry"

  • Free from liquid or moisture. adjective
  • adjective
  • Having or characterized by little or no rain. adjective
  • Marked by the absence of natural or normal moisture. adjective
  • adjective
  • Not under water. adjective
  • Having all the water or liquid drained away, evaporated, or exhausted. adjective
  • adjective
  • No longer yielding liquid, especially milk. adjective
  • Not producing a liquid substance that is normally produced. adjective
  • Not shedding tears. adjective
  • Needing moisture or drink. adjective
  • No longer wet. adjective
  • Of or relating to solid rather than liquid substances or commodities. adjective
  • Not sweet as a result of the decomposition of sugar during fermentation. Used of wines. adjective
  • Having a large proportion of strong liquor to other ingredients. adjective
  • Eaten or served without butter, gravy, or other garnish. adjective
  • Having no adornment or coloration; plain. adjective
  • Devoid of bias or personal concern. adjective

The word "dry" in example sentences

You can dry them by shaking them up lightly in a large clean cloth, and you can spread them out and let them get _dry_ an hour or two before they are dressed.. [Cassell's Vegetarian Cookery A Manual of Cheap and Wholesome Diet]

Of the 1,919.9 lbs. of ash in the acre of clover-roots and stubble, there are 1,429.4 lbs. of sand, clay, etc. But even after deducting this amount of impurities from a gross total of dry matter per acre, we still have 7,492.2 lbs. of dry roots and stubble per acre, or nearly 3¼ tons of _dry_ roots per acre.. [Talks on Manures A Series of Familiar and Practical Talks Between the Author and the Deacon, the Doctor, and other Neighbors, on the Whole Subject]

-- Take a yard of flannel, fold it in three widths, then dip it in very hot water, wring it out tolerably dry, and apply it evenly and neatly round and round the bowels; over this, and to keep it in its place, and to keep in the moisture, put on a _dry_ flannel bandage, four yards long and four inches wide.. [Advice to a Mother on the Management of Her Children]

I. iii.77 (152,5) [It's dry, sir] What is the jest of _dry hand_, I know not any better than Sir Andrew.. [Notes to Shakespeare — Volume 01: Comedies]

TioRMAiGHiM, to dry up, to make dry» no go tirmaigheadh no. huifgeadha suas 6n ttalamh, until the waters were dried up fromoflF the Earth.. [Focalóir gaoidhilge-sax-bhéarla, or An Irish-English dictionary. Whereof the Irish part hath been compiled not only from various Irish vocabularies, particularly that of Mr. Edward Lhuyd; but also from a great variety of the best Irish manuscripts now extant ..]

sharshar lol .. where got normal ppl ask such question wan .. if he askin about applying conditioner i understand la .. cos conditioner not supposed to touch scalp .. but shampoo!??? shampoo + conditioner~~ wipe dry dry abit~ put cream. blow dry~ style. [www.hardwarezone.com.sg]

SANCHEZ (voice-over): If ever there's been an appropriate use of the term dry run, this is it.. [CNN Transcript Sep 25, 2009]

SANCHEZ: If ever there's been an appropriate use of the term dry run, this is it.. [CNN Transcript Aug 4, 2007]

ANNIE JACOBSON, AUTHOR, "TERROR IN THE SKIES": Well, you know, I like your use of the term dry run, and, of course, the president used that term over the weekend.. [CNN Transcript Aug 14, 2006]

It was simply squeezing the title dry of all poetic suggestions; and it would have been quite as appropriate to change the name of “The Scarlet Letter” to “The Clergyman's Penance,” or to call. [The Life and Genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne]

It was simply squeezing the title dry of all poetic suggestions; and it would have been quite as appropriate to change the name of "The Scarlet Letter" to "The Clergyman's Penance," or to call. [The Life and Genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne]

_Dry_ -- Where the soil is friable, and the subsoil porous (if there be no springs), the term dry should be used.. [Thomas Davis, Selections from his Prose and Poetry]

Or at least most of it if you're as old as I am and the term dry grad wasn't yet coined.. [Kootenay Rockies - News]

Off dry unless the term dry (trocken) is indicated.. [The Kitchn]

I would also say that catching a native brookie on a dry is a hell of a lot easier than a pellet head .... [High Fence Fishing?]

Mississippi removed about 97 percent, 98 percent of its -- what they call dry debris.. [Bob Harris: Your President, the Visionary Genius]

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