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Definitions of "dual"

  • Composed of two usually like or complementary parts; double: dual controls for pilot and copilot; a car with dual exhaust pipes. adjective
  • Having a double character or purpose: a belief in the dual nature of reality. adjective
  • Grammar Of, relating to, or being a number category that indicates two persons or things, as in Greek, Sanskrit, and Old English. adjective
  • Grammar The dual number. noun
  • Grammar An inflected form of a noun, adjective, pronoun, or verb used with two items or people. noun
  • Characterized by having two (usually equivalent) components. adjective
  • Double. adjective
  • Pertaining to grammatical number (as in singular and plural), referring to two of something, such as a pair of shoes, in the context of the singular, plural and in some languages, trial grammatical number. Modern Arabic displays a dual number, as did Homeric Greek. adjective
  • Of an item that is one of a pair, the other item in the pair. noun
  • Of a regular polyhedron with V vertices and F faces, the regular polyhedron having F vertices and V faces. noun
  • dual number The grammatical number of a noun marking two of something (as in singular, dual, plural), sometimes referring to two of anything (a couple of, exactly two of), or a chirality-marked pair (as in left and right, as with gloves or shoes) or in some languages as a discourse marker, "between you and me". A few languages display trial number. noun
  • Of a vector in an inner product space, the linear functional corresponding to taking the inner product with that vector. The set of all duals is a vector space called the dual space. noun
  • Expressing, or consisting of, the number two; belonging to two; , in Greek. adjective
  • Relating to two; specifically, in grammar, expressing two, as distinguished from singular, expressing one, and from plural, expressing more than two.
  • Composed or consisting of two parts, qualities, or natures, which may be separately considered; twofold; binary; dualistic: as, the dual nature of man, spiritual and corporeal.
  • In grammar, the number relating to two; the dual number. noun
  • In geometry, given by a principle of duality, as by interchanging point and straight in a plane.
  • In geometry, a figure or theorem obtained by a principle of duality, as by interchanging side and angle in a plane. noun
  • In chess, a problem which has two solutions, that is, one in which the mate can be given either by one or by two pieces, or by one piece on two or more different squares. noun

The word "dual" in example sentences

Yet he wrote a good deal about empire and coined the term "dual mandate" to describe British policy.. [Now That The Sun Has Set]

For two years he barely mentioned it, but today he actually used the phrase "dual mandate" - twice!. [Richard (RJ) Eskow: Bernankemania! Empty Golden Words From the Leader of the Temple]

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She ` d be eligible for what we call dual jurisdiction.. [CNN Transcript Oct 27, 2009]

For peer-reviewed articles, it requires deposit upon publication, before the embargo runs, supporting what I call the dual deposit/release strategy or what Stevan Harnad calls immediate deposit / optional access.. [Open Access mandate from the European Research Council]

This psychiatrist entered into what we call a dual relationship by traveling with Anna Nicole, mingling with her friends.. [CNN Transcript Apr 5, 2007]

So Intel and rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. began competing by squeezing two or four electronic brains on their products, offering what they call dual-core or quad-core microprocessors.. [Intel Shifts From Silicon]

So these animals actually have what we call a dual jaw joint of two pairs of bones that are actually articulating next to each other on the upper and lower sides of the skull.. [What a difference a day makes. - The Panda's Thumb]

They're also looking right now for what they call dual phenomenology.. [CNN Transcript Oct 9, 2006]

One possible option, which he calls dual key, is the ability for the NID and the Pentagon to jointly develop the budget.. [CNN Transcript Aug 17, 2004]

Most had what they call dual diagnosis—mental health problems plus drug and alcohol abuse to dull the pain.. [Sugar Skull]

Another option, which we're a long way from doing here but we're doing it in other parts of the country, is to develop what we call a dual distribution system.. [Oral History Interview with Daniel Okun, October 22, 1985. Interview K-0021. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)]

American officials are struggling to keep up with Somalia's rapidly evolving - or some say devolving - politics, saying they have lost faith in the transitional government's leaders and are now open to the idea of financing some local security forces, part of what they call a "dual track" approach to supporting the national and local governments at the same time.. [NYT > Home Page]

Rolapp says the NFL doesn't feel conflicted as it pursues what he calls a dual-responsibility strategy to enhance fans 'experiences outside and inside stadiums.. [CourierPostOnline.com - News]

The reason why he’s taken so much heat for using the term dual loyalties is that the term is complete game changer.. [Joe Klein and Divided Loyalties « Christopher Colaninno]

One such person three years ago admitted to me how NASA got scr*w*d on NPOESS, and it has only gotten worse over the past few years on certain dual (supossedly) programs where some of 'those' understand collaboration as everyone else shutting up and rubber stamping whatever they put on the table ... or risk personal attacks and defamation, with the potential of adverse effect on continued employment in the DC area.. [Augustine Committee Meets at MSFC Today - NASA Watch]

A major concern in dual-purpose shoes like the Austin Pedal is the tradeoff between a comfortable, flexible walking shoe and a stiff sole for pedaling efficiency.. [Clothesline: Keen Austin Pedal shoes]

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