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Definitions and meanings of "Dunker"

What do we mean by dunker?

Someone who dunks.

A person tasked with performing or training others in slam dunks.

A biscuit that is suitable for dunking in a cup of tea.

Any snack food suitable for dunking in sauce.

A kind of sonobuoy.

A persons booty or ass; a dunka dunk dunk in the trunk Urban Dictionary

When your balls dunk into the toilet when you sit down to take a crap. Urban Dictionary

Dunker (n) A euphemism for black American men. “Dunker” makes reference to dunking basketballs. Basketball is the only sport that African American men excel in. This term/code word is used primarily by racist and alt-right people. The “er” is usually pronounced very hard to mirror the word “nigger”. Urban Dictionary

A game played by a group of adolescent males. The game consists of one male at a time firmly grabbing another's package so that the pain is not excruciating just very uncomfortable for a few seconds. Hits, kicks, slaps and projectiles are often used in the game but then it becomes Dodge-ball, anything that provokes testicular/ penal pain is allowed. The only rule is to say Dunkers before grabbing someones junk and to accept that once you have, they will most likely get you back at some stage soon. Urban Dictionary

Condom, as in what you dunk your nob with Urban Dictionary

A person who violently inserts their dick into a crevice. Urban Dictionary

(Noun) Derived from the 2009 movie Gamer, a waffle dunker is a person who lives primarily online. Much like a catfish, they misrepresent themselves thru avatars and bold online personas. The reality is like the huge mountain of a man dunking waffles in syrup while he pretended to be a female playing the game "society" in the movie Gamer. (Verb) 1. To spend too long a stretch of time doing nothing but gaming at the expense of personal hygiene. 2. Engaging in false relationships online strictly as entertainment. Urban Dictionary

When you have explosive diarrhea, get some on the testicular region, and then teabag someone. Urban Dictionary

General slang for a lesbian. It comes from the act of one lesbian 'dunking' ones face into another's 'muff' or vagina. This is also a term for a guy who eats a lot of pussy. Urban Dictionary

Someone who dunks the proverbial donut into the company coffee; i.e., someone who sleeps around with colleagues from work. Urban Dictionary

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The word "dunker" in example sentences

Their All-Star 2000s, which sell for $80 or less, drove up the company's sales 50 percent this summer -- with no big-name dunker attached. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The 6-foot-1 Jennings isn't known as a dunker and has been out since Dec. 20 after left foot surgery. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Brown said many people view him simply as a "dunker" but he tries to bring his all-around game out nightly when he comes off the bench. ❋ Unknown (2010)

If I were James, I would have asked my Nike rep how long it would take to launch DunkOnLebronJames. com featuring a widget that lets users put their face on the dunker in the video and send it to their friends. ❋ Unknown (2009)

He went from a world-famous dunker to a three-point specialist, two skills that are only vaguely similar. ❋ Kevin Clark (2010)

So I began running up and down the court pigeon-toed, just like Dominique, hoping that would make me an ethereal dunker. ❋ Lang Whitaker (2011)

McGee showed an appreciate for the history of the Slam Dunk contest when he mentioned that his favorite dunker of all-time was Larry Nance, the 6-10 winner of the first NBA contest in 1984. ❋ Unknown (2011)

But overall, he was probably the third-best dunker in Staples Center on Saturday. ❋ Unknown (2011)

For instance, Bill Clinton is a better dunker than Barack Obama. ❋ Unknown (2011)

I had to put Robinson on here because of his stature (5 ft 9in) and because he is a truly good dunker. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Fan Faceoff is a game that lets people cheer on their favorite dunker. ❋ Michael James (2010)

Itz wuzza terarownd dunker … adn ai hanged awntu teh hoop … asdn tehy letted mih keap teh gaym bawl … adn ai kutted teh nett daoun … adn tehn ai woaked upzzzZZZzzz … ❋ Unknown (2010)

Once there, Mr. Stoudemire is known as a ferocious dunker. ❋ Kevin Clark (2010)

He also has a 39-inch vertical, which as Brenkus mentions is better than Kobe Bryant (who no longer has a reputation as a dunker, but oh, well). ❋ Unknown (2010)

Always the dazzling dunker, Richardson has added the 3-pointer to his repertoire, a move that helped the Charlotte Bobcats end a miserable string of performances away from home. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Lisa has a fine dunker. [Fran] likes to [bend over] and show off her [bootylicious] dunker. ❋ Tiffany (2004)

Wife: Why are your balls wet? Husband: My balls [dangle] so much that they hit the toilet water when I sit down to [take a crap]. Wife: Oh, what cute [dunkers]. ❋ FlipShitz (2009)

Did you see that [dunker] get arrested? [Sunk a dunker] ie Kill a [black male]. ❋ CamillaCaBASIC (2020)

C.D: Skunk do u like [Dairylea]? Skunk: It's alright.. C.D What about [dunkers]? *grabs [Skunk's] nuts* ❋ Captain Dale (2008)

Fuckin ['ell], [dairylee] are making dunkers now! talk about [starting] them young! ❋ Ganko (2006)

Joe is a true dick dunker. [Stuck] that shit in her mouth so far it was [touching] her [lungs]. ❋ Wonton! (2007)

(Noun) [Pretty sure] that chick you are texting with is really a waffle dunker. (Verb) 1.I spent the whole weekend waffle [dunking]. 2. Some games are just too creepy because all [the waffle] dunking. ❋ AitchBee (2014)

My good friend, I happened to have put my fair spouse into some un-easyness when I placed upon her my [chocolate dunkers]; I believe it may have been caused by the hot wings I had eaten previously before. [Jolly good time]. [Doe man] doe, I gave my bitch some of 'dem chocolate dunkers after I got me some of dat KAY EFF CAYYYYY. Jolly good time. ❋ Rusty Shackleford, Son (2009)

'Dude, don't... I think she's [a muff] dunker' ' "Hey I hear [Larry's] gettin action now!" "Serious?!" "Yeah he's a regular [muff dunker]!" ❋ Cayk (2010)

"[Check out] [Alan], he's [hitting on] the new chick already" "What a donut dunker!" ❋ WingNut (2007)

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