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Definitions of "dust"

  • Fine, dry particles of matter. noun
  • A cloud of fine, dry particles. noun
  • Particles of matter regarded as the result of disintegration: fabric that had fallen to dust over the centuries. noun
  • Earth, especially when regarded as the substance of the grave: "ashes to ashes, dust to dust” ( Book of Common Prayer). noun
  • The surface of the ground. noun
  • A debased or despised condition. noun
  • Something of no worth. noun
  • Chiefly British Rubbish readied for disposal. noun
  • Confusion; agitation; commotion: won't go back in until the dust settles. noun
  • To remove dust from by wiping, brushing, or beating: dust the furniture. verb-transitive
  • To sprinkle with a powdery substance: dusted the cookies with sugar; dust crops with fertilizer. verb-transitive
  • To apply or strew in fine particles: dusted talcum powder on my feet. verb-transitive
  • Baseball To deliver a pitch so close to (the batter) as to make the batter back away. verb-transitive
  • To clean by removing dust. verb-intransitive
  • To cover itself with such particulate matter. Used of a bird. verb-intransitive
  • dust off To restore to use: dusted off last year's winter coat. phrasal-verb
  • in the dust Far behind, as in a race or competition: a marketing strategy that left our competitors in the dust. idiom
  • make the dust fly To go about a task with great energy and speed. idiom
  • Fine, dry particles of matter found in the air and covering the surface of objects, typically consisting of soil lifted up by the wind, pollen, hair, etc. noun

The word "dust" in example sentences

Yea it is dust of the worst kind, caused from the mines of this ancient house of God, so that it pittieth his [1] servants to see her in the dust_.. [Characters from 17th Century Histories and Chronicles]

_Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust_, and the dread responsive rattle given back by the coffin lid.. [A Mere Accident]

Most of the people there have walked hundreds of kilometers through a climate that takes the term "dust bowl" to the extreme.. [Josh Lozman: From Dadaab: Renewed Urgency for Long-Term Solutions Are Needed]

Lebanese Red Cross and Civil Defense workers carry the body of a small child covered in dust from the rubble of his home that was hit in an Israeli missile strike in the village of Qana, east of the port city of Tyre, Lebanon, Sunday.. [Milking it?]

Lebanese Red Cross and Civil Defense workers carry the body of a small child covered in dust from the rubble of his home that was hit in an Israeli missile strike in the village of Qana, east of the port city of Tyre, Lebanon, Sunday, July 30, 2006.. [Milking it?]

Father Raimon steps closer – and can see that the dust is actually ash, and amongst the ash are larger bits of still-smoking blackened flesh.. [Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » Thablue’s Review Forum]

The final design looks awesome, but what we do with it after two weeks when the dust is a really big problem?. [Wall Mounted Desk Office]

I pretend I'm driving some kind of interplanetary fighter craft, and the dust is the result of having fought a dogfight in the tail of a comet.. [Where there's smoke...]

That is what they call the dust cover, the dust case that it is in.. [CNN Transcript - Special Event: NTSB Chairman Jim Hall Holds News Conference on Alaska Airlines Flight 261 Crash Investigation - February 8, 2000]

The mouth in the dust is the attitude of suppliant and humble submission to God's dealings as righteous and loving in design. [Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible]

You see your dust is anything but harmless; yet you will let such dust lie about your ledges for months, your rooms for ever.. [Notes on Nursing: What It Is, and What It Is Not]

No doubt, some may say that the word dust or clay was not meant to be taken literally, but was actually used to represent some or all of the elements within the earth’s dust or soil.. [The Source]

Yes it is 1st grade as his classes go but when your done you will be tracking mice in dust and building fire by rubbing 2 sticks etc.. [Tom Brown Jr.]

It was very nice there and close to everything, but the noise and dust from the Go-Cart track behind us was annoying.. [Cuernavaca]

Someone suggested removing excess dust from the hard drive.. [Blue Screen of Death and the Spiders of Mayhem]

Only in a land of unicorns and fairy dust is it a good thing.. [Matthew Yglesias » Transparent Negotiations]

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