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Definitions and meanings of "Eagling"

What do we mean by eagling?

To score an eagle.

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The word "eagling" in example sentences

The Vikings also invented "eagling", which involved cutting from neck to waist, reaching in, grabbing the ribcage with both hands, and pulling it open like a pair of wings, exposing the lungs & whatnot to the air while all the onlookers guffawed and quaffed their mead. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I sort of think that the Wyden/Brown should get as much consideration on these shows as this legal eagling does. ❋ Jason Linkins (2010)

Peter and I spread-eagling ourselves against the wall and passing him in front of us with his face towards us. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Woods played only one hole under par in a day with little wind and soft greens, eagling the par-5 sixth hole with a 20-foot putt after hitting a 3-iron into the green. ❋ Unknown (2003)

The other men had each taken one of his wrists, and they were pulling his arms wide, spread-eagling him on the bed. ❋ Crichton, Michael, 1942- (2004)

Two statues seized Belbe by the hands and feet, spread - eagling her off the floor like Ertai. ❋ Thompson, Paul B. (2000)

And, spread-eagling me in the kitchen, they soon cut loose their fury on me with a dozen concoctions they made from the honey, the eggs, the various syrups and mixtures at their disposal. ❋ Rice, Anne, 1941- (1996)

Rourke shouted, rolling over, the rock surface tractionless, his footing gone for one terrifying instant, his body skidding laterally, his arms and legs spread-eagling, finding a purchase. ❋ Ahern, Jerry (1988)

I've got you fixed a few klicks away but you're moving fast nothing nearby Jesus we 'II have to catch him how can we Nigel relaxed, spread-eagling himself to offer the most flow resistance. ❋ Benford, Gregory, 1941- (1984)

'The president of the bank showed me that my business was too weak to stand such spread-eagling. ❋ James A. Cooper (N/A)

"I set it by the ship's time before our capsize, and it goes pretty correctly, for I didn't forget to wind it up all the time we were spread-eagling on the bulwarks." ❋ J. [Illustrator] Schonberg (N/A)

In an instant he had snatched the roll away and sent the sheets spread-eagling up the street, looking like so many big white butterflies as they flapped and whirled deliriously hither and thither. ❋ Margaret Pedler (N/A)

He came ballooning along towards Rosalie, not running as ordinarily fit and efficient men run, but progressing by a series of enormous leaps and bounds, arms and legs spread-eagling, and at each leap and bound always seeming to Rosalie to spring as high in the air as he sprung forward over the ground. ❋ Unknown (1925)

Official name for spread-eagling a man on a limber wheel, two hours a day for twenty-one days. ❋ Arthur Guy Empey (1923)

It was a bad step for Blenkiron, and we only got him past it by Peter and I spread-eagling ourselves against the wall and passing him in front of us with his face towards us. ❋ John Buchan (1907)

It brought Irish spread-eagling over his head, and it landed him fairly in the middle of Patsy's great pan of soft bread "sponge" -- and landed him upon his head into the bargain. ❋ B. M. Bower (1905)

She glanced from the helmet which the airman held toward her to the monoplane spread-eagling on the ground. ❋ Unknown (1901)

He reached the turn in two-under 34 after teeing off at the 10th and then rocketed up the leaderboard with birdies at the second, third, fourth and fifth before eagling the sixth. ❋ Unknown (2011)

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