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A search on “earpick” will net you only about 10% of that number, mostly for sites that have nothing at all to do with sticking things in your ear.. [Pickin’ and grinnin’ » Japundit Blog]

In line with the JAPUNDIT philosophy that no horse is too dead to flog (as demonstrated by our numerous articles on sushi and Hello Kitty goods), starting from tomorrow (February 9) we will be highlighting a unique or interesting earpick design on a daily basis.. [Pickin’ and grinnin’ » Japundit Blog]

Today we will take one more step up the mimikaki food chain with the Mimi Look DX LP-2008 mimi means “ear”, the mimikaki that combines an earpick with a light and magnifying lens.. [Mimikaki of the Day #9 – Mimi Look DX » Japundit Blog]

Today we have the mimikaki for the those who demand only the best when it comes to sticking things into their ears — an 18K gold maneki neko earpick.. [Mimikaki of the Day #3 – 18K Gold Maneki Neko » Japundit Blog]

As promised, today we start our new Mimikaki of the Day series, which will be highlighting unique Japanese earpick designs.. [Mimikaki of the Day #1 – Katana » Japundit Blog]

The greatest Hello Kitty accessory, ever: the light-up Hello Kitty earpick!. [Boing Boing: November 11, 2001 - November 17, 2001 Archives]

He may perchance find a few of the curved Omani daggers with handsome sheaths adorned with filigree silver, to which is usually attached, by a leather thong, a thorn extractor, an earpick, and a spike.. [Southern Arabia]

It is recorded that Queen Elizabeth carried her earpick of gold ornamented with pearls and diamonds.. [Chats on Household Curios]

The little set, which was worn at a lady's chatelaine in the eighteenth century, shown in Fig. 66, consists of toothpick, earpick, and tongue scraper of silver, whereas the set illustrated in Fig. 67 includes tweezers, a nail knife, and other instruments.. [Chats on Household Curios]

I made another six on the spot, and this is the way in which I contrived to write them, I had let the nail of my little finger grow long to serve as an earpick; I out it to a point, and made a pen of it.. [The Complete Memoirs of Jacques Casanova]

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【ASMR】眠れないあなたもきっと眠られる睡眠誘導 Ear cleaning/Ear massage/Fluffy earpick【西園寺メアリ... @YouTubeより


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@earpick_somm ほんとに。トークの時間がこんなにたっぷりでいいのかと。 初代ぎわ王、フォロワーさんなのでゲストが毎日っていうのは知ってましたが。 デビッド・リンチ作品の話する前にぎわダンでしたね😄


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