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(verb) to stop what you are doing, cease (This is a military term derived from the command “at-ease” which, even though sounds like it should mean “to relax”, actually is more restrictive than when a soldier is at “rest”, where a soldier is free to move, talk, smoke, etc. It is from this point that it is used to bring a soldier under control, particularly if the soldier in question is involved in grab-ass.)  Urban Dictionary

Calming sum1 down wen der depressed or afta sum ruff dayz  Urban Dictionary

Becoming one with the tranquility of nature.  Urban Dictionary

Ease can sometimes mean (feeling good) depends on the context  Urban Dictionary

Eased (v): 1. Verb form of the word easy or ez 2. A salutation used in victory after you just totally owned someone. It's roots stem from the mmorpg Subspace/Continuum.  Urban Dictionary

Basically the easiest thing ever Something so easy its not even funny  Urban Dictionary

Activity, a question of "backing".  Urban Dictionary

Street term for ecstasy, pills, thizz..etc  Urban Dictionary

Ease ownz night2k  Urban Dictionary

1: U.S. military terminology: a command instructing a subordinate to stop moving, stop talking. 2: A command meaning "Keep your mouth shut."  Urban Dictionary

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British win eases the pain of Cink's miss in '01 U.S. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I do hope that the pain eases and you are able to get up and about and enjoy the sunshine and maybe a cup of tea. ❋ Zenmomma (2009)

Anyway, I hope your residual pain eases off the way mine has. ❋ Unknown (2006)

As the road widens to four lanes the rain eases off to a drizzle and I realize I must be close to the eye of the storm. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Synthetic protein eases arthritis symptoms in mice ❋ Unknown (2005)

Hope the rain eases off and things get back to normal soon. ❋ Unknown (2005)

"It could be euro positive if they put together something concrete that at least in the short term eases market concerns on how far the peripheral debt issues will spread," said Adam Cole, head of global currency strategy at RBC Capital Markets in ❋ Unknown (2010)

Fear eases from the room as the newborn exits his mother’s warm womb. ❋ ____Maggie (2007)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Getting into the Musicorps, it kind of eases some of the pain. ❋ Unknown (2009)

She kind of eases up to you and talks to you and then, before you know it, your billfold is gone. ❋ ITY National Archives (2000)

So we could see a little bit of an effect, but my feeling at this point is that if the weather at this point kind of eases off a little bit, it will probably be a fairly minimal difference from this year to last year.

"At this point Parks has taken over the search, they have had two dogs go through the area already, so that kind of eases our mind at this point," he added. ❋ Webpapers Admin (2010)

It also kind of eases you into doing more than one routine a week. ❋ Joyce Eng (2010)

When you talk it kind of eases your mind instead of holding it all in. ❋ Matt Winkeljohn (2010)

“Once this pain kind of eases,” says safety Jon McGraw, “everyone will realize that. ❋ Unknown (2010)

"It kind of eases the rest of training camp and the rest of preseason." ❋ Unknown (2010)


"man my world iz jus fukd... my girl slappd me and dumpd me, me car [broke down] lost ma job man im fukd!" "yo jus ease it man... cmon i'll take u to [shisha] [ini] dah'll ease u down" ❋ LilShefi (2007)

[The trick] [kept] [flippin], so i told her be ease. ❋ Matthew Calvey (2006)

1. [Feeling] not [at ease] 2. Feeling so [ease] right now ❋ Mr. Whotfknows (2017)

Dead turret: "OMG! WTF!!1 YOU [FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT]! I can't believe you just handed my ass to me with that double mine rep! [Get some skill]!...No you know what?! [Fuck this game]!" :( *logs out* taint: "so eased" ❋ OG Subspace Player (2007)

Person 1: Man that [test] was [sooo] ease! Person 2: [Yeah I know], sooo ease! ❋ Hansdg1 (2006)

[Ease back], hommie- Go off( e.g. I dont like you, go off) Pull, put back. etc "Ease up off the trigger"- pull back the trigger I [ease back] [home-] I'm going home (does not means "go" here) ❋ Tha Streetz (2009)

i [popped] a couple [ease's] last night, and they were [hitters]. ❋ SuckaFree415 (2007)

[talk shit] and [gte] hit with packets like [night2k] ❋ J-j-j-junior (2003)

[At ease], [soldier], [you're out] of line. ❋ Drew DH (2007)

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