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Definitions of "easy"

  • Capable of being accomplished or acquired with ease; posing no difficulty: an easy victory; an easy problem. adjective
  • Requiring or exhibiting little effort or endeavor; undemanding: took the easy way out of her problems; wasn't satisfied with easy answers. adjective
  • Free from worry, anxiety, trouble, or pain: My mind was easy, knowing that I had done my best. adjective
  • Affording comfort or relief; soothing: soft light that was easy on the eyes. adjective
  • Prosperous; well-off: easy living; easy circumstances. adjective
  • Causing little hardship or distress: an easy penalty; a habit that isn't easy to give up. adjective
  • Socially at ease: an easy, good-natured manner. adjective
  • Relaxed in attitude; easygoing: an easy disposition. adjective
  • Not strict or severe; lenient: an easy teacher; easy standards. adjective
  • Readily exploited, imposed on, or tricked: an easy mark; an easy victim. adjective
  • Not hurried or forced; moderate: an easy pace; an easy walk around the block. adjective
  • Light; gentle: an easy tap on the shoulder. adjective
  • Not steep or abrupt; gradual: an easy climb. adjective
  • Economics Less in demand and therefore readily obtainable: Commodities are easier this quarter. adjective
  • Economics Plentiful and therefore at low interest rates: easy money. adjective
  • Promiscuous; loose. adjective
  • Without haste or agitation: Relax and take it easy for a while. adverb
  • With little effort; easily: success that came too easy. adverb
  • In a restrained or moderate manner: Go easy on the butter. adverb

The word "easy" in example sentences

…And that is that it will be easy, *easy*, to sabotage a program this unpopular, once it passes.. [The Broken Political Equation - Dan_Perrin’s blog - RedState]

I *know* it's easy to love California and not as *easy* when it comes to loving Michigan.. [Reading, Writing, Cooking and Crafting: My poor state]

Use to be so easy, I never even tried/Yeah, use to be so easy…. [ugotsoul Diary Entry]

"There -- easy now -- _easy_" as she threatened to capsize this curious basin.. [The Littlest Rebel]

With a headlamp as his only light, Maslyn unseals an environmental door to reveal what he calls an easy entrance tunnel - half a meter wide - the size of a dinner platter.. [Cavers Explore Mysterious Hidden Wonders]

WHITTLE: I tell people, after you have done all your homework, all of the, what I call the easy stuff, the stuff that any do-it - yourselfer can do, get an energy audit.. [CNN Transcript Dec 6, 2008]

And Allan, it looks like if this northern little jog continues, you may be on the south side of the side of the eye, which we call the easy side.. [CNN Transcript Sep 1, 2008]

Saavik asked, coming up behind him, her expression easy.. [STRANGE NEW WORLDS 10]

He argues you know what, it's unfair for the people of Idaho for him to take what he calls the easy path and just simply resign.. [CNN Transcript Oct 17, 2007]

He argues, you know what, it's unfair to the people of Idaho for him to take what he calls the easy path and just simply resign.. [CNN Transcript Oct 17, 2007]

You're on what they know as the easy side of the eye, believe it or not.. [CNN Transcript Oct 24, 2005]

MYERS: You actually have what we call the easy side of the eye, believe it or not.. [CNN Transcript Oct 21, 2005]

They have . . . lost their native innocence which formerly was their characteristic, and supplied its place with what they call an easy behavior. . .. [Angel in the Whirlwind]

Nor is the number of rich people great; most of them being in what we call easy and independent circumstances.. [An Historical Account of the Rise and Progress of the Colonies of South Carolina and Georgia, Volume 2]

"Well," he said to Helen, as he let out a deep sigh, "that's what I call easy!". [Broken to the Plow]

The girl was worn with travel, for Lisle had abandoned the canoes some time ago, and the party had followed, by what he called easy stages, the trail he and the packers had broken, though the women had found the way hard enough.. [The Long Portage]

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  • Pronunciationsē′zē
  • Character4
  • Hyphenation eas y


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