Word EAU
Character 3
Hyphenation N/A
Pronunciations /juː/

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Misspelling of Eau

The obnoxious, headache-inducing cologne cloud that surrounds a beefy, tight-Armani-shirt wearing dude. Urban Dictionary

Heavy, headache-causing perfume smell that allows to follow the person that wears it without getting closer than 10-30 feet (up to 10 m). Also triggers conditioned response based on unvolunatry movement of fingers trying to ignite the lighter. Urban Dictionary

The best town in the Midwest. Eau claire, Wisconsin is beautiful. 90 miles east of the twin cities. University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and Chippewa valley technical college makes the town a college town. Lots of parties, a bar on every corner, cheese curds everywhere you go and everyone’s drinking beer! Urban Dictionary

One of the most difficult and great corners on the world. The icon of Spa. Commonly mistaken by Raidillion. Urban Dictionary

Eau d'Vie is the water of life -- a guy's cum. Urban Dictionary

The town in witch there is only one street the smallest town in MI {most likely} also the best town to live in cuz you know almost every body the fake "ghetto" Urban Dictionary

The least strong of perfumes, this is a French phrase. Urban Dictionary

Female ejaculatory fluid. Most likely resulting from: coitus, orgasmic response to fetishes, or a trained expert in the art of cunnilingus. On rare occasion occurring spontaneously due to an overwhelming feeling of ecstasy after witnessing a celebrity crush. Urban Dictionary

Pronounced roughly “o-day-flatoose,” it’s the high class term for a stinking fart. Urban Dictionary

A phenomenon unique to the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire in which other students will make continuous eye contact with other students as they pass each other. The Stare is often awkward, creepy, and sometimes considered rude. Urban Dictionary

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The word "eau" in example sentences

„ bed covers not excepted You will be plyed on the quay by failors, fome belonging to the Diligencepar eau y fome to the Cache par eau% that. is* the Diligence by. water, and the coach by water; But by all means prefer the Dili - gence, as you are lure of better company* and quicker paflage. ❋ Unknown (1770)

Roughly translated into 'castle of water', the chateau de l'eau is an enormous silver water tower that sits up high on a plateau overlooking Moussoro. ❋ Zach Center (2006)

Perhaps the main color would be bluegreen, the shade they called eau de NO although it was not a bit like the muddy water of the Nile. ❋ Follett, Ken, 1949- (1980)

Who is that exquisite creature in eau de nil satin? ❋ Unknown (1920)

Brownie, still protesting, had been put on her bed with a handkerchief steeped in eau-de-Cologne on her throbbing forehead, and Norah had returned to the kitchen to varied occupations. ❋ Unknown (1911)

To wash the feet first in eau de Cologne is most refreshing. ❋ Unknown (1907)

The pool staff fancy a lie-in themselves and a caca dans l’eau is a sure-fire way of turning people away with no insistence! ❋ Unknown (2008)

In northern Europe, where it is too cold to grow grapes, a distilled spirit called eau de vie is made from fruit. ❋ MARY RISLEY (2003)

Had she done so, her teeth would probably be permeated with a god-awful stench that could only be described as eau decarrion, the quintessential odor of Death on a bender, the Devil's vomit. ❋ Barr, Nevada (2001)

What is called eau bouillie in Tarascon consists of several slices of bread soaked in warm water, with a clove of garlic, a little thyme and a bay leaf. ❋ Alphonse Daudet (1868)

They are mostly shore birds, living at the edge of irregularly broken water, either streams or sea; and the representative of the whole group with which we will begin is the mysterious little water-ouzel, or 'oiselle,' properly the water-blackbird, -- Buffon's 'merle d'eau' -- for ouzel is the classic and poetic word for the blackbird, or ouzel-_cock_, "so black of hue," in ❋ John Ruskin (1859)

The French have an intoxicating liquour called eau de vie; this is distilled from the refuse of the grapes after the wine is made. ❋ John Bunyan (1658)

The spirited growth here and nationwide comes as consumers seek out local, handcrafted products and foodies take a new interest in fruit brandy known as eau-de-vie, liqueurs and other spirits. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I suppose it comes down to taste, like good old-fashioned tap water versus over-priced 'eau' run-off from your local volcano. ❋ Peter Ashley (2008)

It was seldom that Dorsenne returned home without repeating to himself the translation he had attempted of that beautiful 'Ci-git un don't le nom, jut ecrit sur de l'eau'. ❋ Various (N/A)

For darling Felix a new kind of eau de cologne, made in Worcester, because that was the only scent he would use. ❋ John Galsworthy (1900)

Ugh. Some big [meathead] just walked by wearing way too much [eau d'ouche]. I feel like I'm gonna [puke]. ❋ Ashenannigans (2010)

I saw [her/him] walking from the distance. My eyes [clenched] on her/his body movements. As I was [getting closer] to open my mouth to start conversation something punched me straight into my face. Her/his eau d'or was so strong that it knocked my other senses off for couple of seconds. Exactly for her/him to pass me and mix into the crowd. Ten minutes later I still couldn't think of anything else. ❋ P0p0p (2010)

Friend: “hey do you want to go to Eau Claire?” Friend 2: “what’s Eau Claire?” Friend: “woah man! You’ve never been to Eau Claire before? You’re really missing out! We have to go [grab a bite] at Court n [House down] by the police station, they have [the best food], then hit up water st! ❋ Shans (2018)

Person 1: "Eau Rouge is the most [difficult] [corner] in [the world]." WTF1: "That's Raidillion actually!" ❋ Ricciardo3f1 (2020)

I [jacked off] and my Eau d'Vie [went] [everywhere]. ❋ USAF Cadet (2020)

[o yea] [i live] in [eau claire]. yea i live in the "ghetto". ❋ Corey's Baby Gurl (2008)

I had [a choice] of [perfume], [cologne], or eau de toilette. ❋ Starchylde (2016)

Example 1: Mike: Dude what's that smell? Jake: It's my new cologne, its called 'Eau D'Femme' Mike: Dude, it smells familiar man where did you get it? Jake: I hate to break it to you, but your sister let me go down on her last night and her body spontaneously sprayed all over me, that's when I discovered this marvelous, purely organic and I assure you, quite safe aroma which I've dubbed 'Eau De Femme', this particular aroma is known as 'Luscious Stacy Dreams', quite fascinating isn't it, it's been here all along, care to take a closer whiff? Mike: [Ewe] man, get away from me, that's gross! Jake: Faggot. Jake: I'm going to kill you asshole! Example 2: [Lizzy]: So, like I totally saw [Kanye East] like the other night, and like [ermahgerd], I totally came all over my panties! Jake: Hey can I [swab] the panties you used that night when you saw Kanye West? I've come up with a [new brand] of cologne named 'Eau De Femme' and I'd like to name this one 'Ditzy Miss Lizzy'. Lizzy: Ew no you perv! By the way, it's totally Kanye East you idiot! Oh and it's not 'Ditzy Miss Lizzy', it's like totally "Dizzy Miss Lizzy", you consumer obsessed, backward thinking neanderthal! You think I don't know who 'The Beatles' are?? Jake: *Sigh* [Fucking Hipsters]. ❋ Aleven12 (2014)

Oh my [dearest], most amazing love, is that eau de [flatus]’ I am sniffing here in our newest [Tesla]? ❋ Dr Bunnygirl (2019)

I walked by that Bro and he [shot me] the Eau Claire Stare. Let's go to The [Pickle] later and kick [his ass]! ❋ Asian Palace Of Rice Picking (2010)

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