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What does the word ectenic mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word ectenic in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with ectenic and anagrams of ectenic.

Definitions of "ectenic"

  • Subjected to tension, literally or figuratively; strained.

The word "ectenic" in example sentences

Psychod and ectenic force of Thury; the psychic force of Sergeant Cox and Mr. Crookes; the atmospheric magnetism of some naturalists; galvanism; and finally, electricity, are but various names for many different manifestations, or effects of the same mysterious, all-pervading cause -- the Greek. [The Book Of THoTH, Popular Articles from The Archive Category - UFO Section 3]

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Ectoplasm -
Ectoplasm - "Ectenic Cryptotrance"
Miclodiet - Ectenic Force GENESA007V A2
Miclodiet - Ectenic Force GENESA007V A2
Ectenic Force (Original Mix)
Ectenic Force (Original Mix)

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