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Definitions and meanings of "Egotism"

What do we mean by egotism?

An inflated sense of one's own importance; conceit. synonym: conceit. noun

The practice of putting forward or dwelling upon one's self; the habit of talking or writing too much about one's self. noun

Hence An excessive esteem or consideration for one's self, leading one to judge of everything by its relation to one's own interests or importance. noun

Synonyms Pride, Egotism, Vanity, Conceit, Self-conceit, Self-consciousness. Pride and egotism imply a certain indifference to the opinions of others concerning one's self. Pride is a self-contained satisfaction with the excellence of what one is or has, despising what others are or think. Vanity is just the opposite; it is the love of being even fulsomely admired. Pride rests often upon higher or intrinsic things: as, pride of family, place, or power; intellectual or spiritual pride. Vanity rests often upon lower and external things, as beauty, figure, dress, ornaments; but the essential difference is in the question of dependence upon others. Over the same things one person might have pride and another vanity. One may be too proud to be vain. Conceit, or self-conceit, is an overestimate of one's own abilities or accomplishments: it is too much an elevation of the real self to rest upon wealth, dress, or other external things. Egotism is a strong and obtrusive confidence in one's self, shown primarily in conversation, not only by frequent references to self, but by monopolizing attention, ignoring the opinions of others, etc. It differs from conceit chiefly in its selfishness and unconsciousness of its appearance in the eyes of others. Conceit becomes egotism when it is selfish enough to disparage others for its own comparative elevation. Self-consciousness is often confounded with egotism, conceit, or vanity, but it may be only an embarrassing sense of one's own personality, an inability to refrain from thinking how one appears to others; it therefore often makes one shrink out of notice. noun

Something which befalls you may seem a great misfortune;—you … begin to think that it is a chastisement, or a warning …. But give up this egotistic indulgence of your fancy; examine a little what misfortunes, greater a thousand fold, are happening, every second, to twenty times worthier persons; and your self-consciousness will change into pity and humility. noun

The practice of too frequently using the word I; hence, a speaking or writing overmuch of one's self; self-exaltation; self-praise; the act or practice of magnifying one's self or parading one's own doings. The word is also used in the sense of egoism. noun

A tendency to talk excessively about oneself. noun

A belief that one is superior to or more important than others. noun

Egoism. noun

The result or product of being egoistic. noun

An exaggerated opinion of your own importance noun

An inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others noun

A tendency to talk excessively about oneself.

A belief that one is superior to or more important than others.

The result or product of being egoistic.

(by confusion of the similar words) Egoism.

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The word "egotism" in example sentences

In fact, the word egotism originally referred just to the over use of I. ❋ Unknown (2009)

To place them above the gratification of individual egotism is the task of civilization. ❋ Unknown (1920)

I was indeed too full of vain egotism, which always discovers the gloom of ignorance, or dims the lustre of popular distinction. ❋ Unknown (1880)

For she was one of those strange characters who indulge in egotism and exaggeration, till they seem positively to lose the sense of what is fact and what is fiction. ❋ Unknown (1872)

"But what do you call egotism?" asked Nechludoff -- smiling, as I thought, ❋ Leo Tolstoy (1869)

What we need to prevent is the degeneration of personal interest into an egotism which parches, instead of fertilizing, and which compromises the future by the exclusive search after present advantage; for egotism is short-sighted. ❋ Wilhelm Roscher (1855)

Joseph Hume _may_ be a patriot, so may O'Connell, so may --; but never mind; I consider that if in most cases, in all countries the word egotism were substituted it would be more correct, and particularly so in America. ❋ Frederick Marryat (1820)

That seems to you a mere selfish bargain with God -- an 'egotism' -- that you hate. ❋ Humphry Ward (1885)

Thus he reflected that his focus on himself could... be called egotism. ❋ David Galenson (2011)

Obama struts around with a conceited, in-your-face megalomaniacal egotism, which is “dictator like nature.” ❋ Unknown (2009)

You've done so motivated by one of the sins that Christianity has historically condemned, namely egotism, egocentrism, the belief that it is all about me. ❋ James F. McGrath (2009)

All he had achieved after this heroic assault upon his egotism was a prominent rib cage and a dangerously weakened body. ❋ Armstrong, Karen, 1944- (2001)

The exaggerated egotism, which is so common to these individuals, serves to establish a pathologic degree of self-consciousness. ❋ Bernard Glueck (N/A)

Or perhaps the centre of our egotism is our suffering. ❋ 1864-1923 (1902)

It was afterwards remarked that one of the principal characteristics of my egotism was the aversion ❋ Unknown (1900)

But does not this necessity of preservation engender in individuals egotism, that is to say self-love? and is not egotism contrary to the social state? ❋ Unknown (1788)

"The little worlds which he raises, the inspiration which he claims, may easily be productive of self-importance; though that inspiration is fabulous, it brings on egotism, which is always the parent of vanity." ❋ Henry Mackenzie (1788)

Pampena baulks at the idea of egotism being at the heart of what he does.

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