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Kinda or so-so  Urban Dictionary

What you say when you don't know what to say.  Urban Dictionary

A word or expression used to show many emotions- embarrassment, shock, disgust, or just used in any point in a conversation. It has many, many variations and the simplest 'ehh' base serves as a model for other variations. As long as it has the distinct 'ehh' sound, one can improvise. Use with intonation.  Urban Dictionary

What you say when you don't have a response to something. kind of like "whatever".  Urban Dictionary

Word used to describe depression, sometimes used on the computer with a frowning face ex. ehh =( Often said by punks and goths.  Urban Dictionary

Basically where you do care but at the same time you really don't care but you have to say something. This can also be used as an " I don't care" phrase but much kinder.  Urban Dictionary

To have sex with; the act of sexual intercourse in any manner  Urban Dictionary

What one says when one is excited, or happy about something.  Urban Dictionary

The end all be all word used by teenage males when speaking to their parents. Used as a response to questions which they do not wish to answer.  Urban Dictionary

A drunk woman from orange county talking to a member of the Stanford University board.  Urban Dictionary

The word "ehh" in example sentences

How to use ehh in a sentence? Example sentences with the ehh, a sentence example for ehh, and how to make ehh in sample sentence, how do I use the word ehh in a sentence? How do you spell ehh in a sentence?

Ok ...... let the kiddie games begin ehh HRC supporters? ❋ Unknown (2008)

Business kevinboer I just saw a business sign that read "Learn Spanish reading in English" ehh how is that possible'S not. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I was listening to the whole album, which is basically Eminem dissing on himself, calling himself out and owning up to his mistakes and drug problems, even calling his last album "ehh" (which is true). ❋ Unknown (2010)

I was listening to the whole album, which is basically Eminem dissing on himself, calling himself out and owning up to his mistakes and drug problems, even calling his last album "ehh" which is true. ❋ Tim Mihalsky (2010)

It had a delicate sense to it that could be appreciated, but I was really "ehh" on it overall. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Fixes: move the button over, which can look kind of ehh, or not work if there is in fact no button; or, better, open up the inside ends of the waistband seriously, I would just snip a neat cut on the inside, on the inside ONLY of the waistband and insert a piece of elastic narrow enough to fit through the whole waistband, and, preferably, almost wide enough to fill the entire waistband. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Poor editing, however, delegates it to the "ehh" pile. ❋ Fusenumber8 (2006)

The outstanding and visionary opening melody is sung by Pye with a powerful grandeur that is only complemented more and more by great orchestration but a lot of the instrumental sections are kind of "ehh", afterwards. ❋ Unknown (2010)

A few people regard his work as manna from heaven, but for everyone else watching his recent work just results in a sort of "ehh" feeling. ❋ Unknown (2009)

U2 - No Line on the HorizonThis is not an album that I have really attempted to come back to after its initial offering and for that reason they deserved to be at the end of the list to let you all know that I have listened to it and responded with a big fat "ehh". ❋ Unknown (2009)

me : “ she’s [pretty] [kinda] “ - : “ ehh [i guess] “ ❋ Lmaox) (2018)

Dude: What are the first 9 million [digits] of [pi]? Me: [Ehh]? ❋ LaUrA -- The Maker Of This Word (2003)

P1:"I heard they were going out... gross right?" [P2]:"[Ehhh]..." -------------- P1: "[The test] is today! Oh my God!" P2: Ehhh! I didn't study! ❋ Ilobemalen (2010)

girl 1: i've [sucked] [12] guys' [dicks] girl 2: ehh. ❋ Glasses_face (2009)

Someone says "ehh" if they have 4 [tests] [coming up] the next day, you're addicted to drugs, you just got dumped by a [gf/bf] and you hate yourself. ❋ Loverly (2005)

I can't believe Mrs [Jameson] gave me [detention]! [Ehh] ❋ Thisrandomegg (2019)

When she [bent over] with [her skirt] on, I got so turned on and wanted to ehh her [all night long]. ❋ Ehh/babe (2008)

[Liz]:I got the job!! [Lucy]:EEEEHHHH!!!!! i.e [Well done]! ❋ Blakey Baby (2004)

[Parent]: how was school? Son: [ehh] Parent: did you have fun eating with your girlfriend after school? Son: ehhParent: we cleaned your room Son: ehh? Parent: we need to have a talk about the condom [wrappers] we found Son: uhhhhh ❋ Keabs (2009)

[ehh]. [Ehh]! so, this new one, bob. He just starts falling apart, and its just one [shitstorm] after another! ❋ Poishmastersupreme (2003)

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