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1/8 ounce cocaine mudderfucters  Urban Dictionary

The eighteen year anniversary that occurs precisely the moment of a persons birth.  Urban Dictionary

Refers to public masturbation. Can also be used to refer to any scandalous, embarrassing, or humiliating act performed in public, which act is followed by media attention and public scorn. This phrase gained popularity following the infamous incident on United Flight 340 to Denver in mid-May, 2011, where an individual reportedly masturbated "to the point of ejaculation" while sitting in row eighteen. He was subsequently arrested and faces criminal misdemeanor charges.  Urban Dictionary

Adjective - A phrase indicating that a girl who is traditionally jailbait is built like a girl who has reached the age of consent. It usually indicates she has a fantastic body, great breasts, amazing legs that go on for days, or an ass that just won't quit- fantastic enough that one wishes she was already 18, and mature enough looking that one would not feel any moral quandary should they have intercourse with her.  Urban Dictionary

Amazing Metalcore/Hardcore band from the Orange County in America. They are NOT Metrosexual, if you want metrosexual look at Jockboy Beckham. Vocals - James Hart Lead Guitar - Keith Guitar - Ken Bass - Mick Drums - Trevor Amazing songs to check out: Waiting For The Heavens Vanity Lost In A Dream A Short Walk Down A Long Hallway Gorgeous  Urban Dictionary

One of my personal favorite bands. Started out as a metalcore group but abandoned their old sound on their last two albums. Unfortunately, they're broken up.  Urban Dictionary

1. The sentence a man gets, in years of Child Support, when he has sex with a dishonest female that refuses to take responsibility for her actions and get an abortion.  Urban Dictionary

Hairy asshole resembling a bicycle wheel.  Urban Dictionary

A very hairy asshole.  Urban Dictionary

A penis that is eighteen inches long.  Urban Dictionary

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How to use eighteens in a sentence? Example sentences with the eighteens, a sentence example for eighteens, and how to make eighteens in sample sentence, how do I use the word eighteens in a sentence? How do you spell eighteens in a sentence?

These winners will be chosen from a shortlist of up to ten entries in each category up to five entries for under fourteens and up to five entries for fourteens to eighteens.   ❋ Unknown (2011)

Any bets on the percentage of over-eighteens who wind up being counseled, as opposed to the under-eighteens?   ❋ Unknown (2007)

Snake oil clinics are okay, but only for the over-eighteens.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Since I've become enabled and "wired" there are some important things I'd like to share with the drivers of four-wheelers regarding eighteens: "large cars" are the lifeblood of shipping -- they bring you everything you own, and the stranger behind the wheel of that big truck blocking your path or view is a human being with feelings and needs like your own.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

All the eights went first, then eight and a halves, eighteens, eighteen and a halves, elevens, and so on through the alphabet.   ❋ Matthew Sanborn Smith (2006)

Six long twenty-fours of the new make, here in front, and two eighteens upon either flank, and I should like to see the whole of the Boulogne flotilla try to take yonder shore by daylight.   ❋ Richard Doddridge (2004)

In ze year 1796 one conscription took place, ant each which vas serviceable, from ze eighteens to ze twenty-first year, hat to go to town.   ❋ Unknown (2003)

NOTE: The Detroit is a new ship, very strongly built, and mounts long twenty-fours, eighteens and twelves.   ❋ J. F. Loubat (N/A)

The fort on the right bank of the Landa is about a league below the town, built of two rows of large piles, the interstices being filled up with mud and stones, apparently mounting five guns, eighteens and twelves in the lower tier, and an equal number of smaller caliber on the ascend or more elevated range.   ❋ Henry Keppel (N/A)

The remaining armament of lighter calibre, running, I should judge, from forty-twos down to eighteens.   ❋ Various (N/A)

The Canadian eighteens and five inchers took up the chorus.   ❋ John Allister Currie (N/A)

They had long eighteens upon their forecastles, and their broadside guns were composed of twelves and sixes.   ❋ Charles Roger (N/A)

On her main deck she carried no less than 30 twenty-four pounders, while on her upper deck she had 24 thirty-two pounders, and two eighteens.   ❋ Charles Roger (N/A)

There I had charge of the battery of old eighteens, while Mr. Dale commanded the twelves on the middle deck.   ❋ Winston Churchill (1909)

As the men were sponging and ramming home in the first fury of hatred, the carpenter jumped out under the battle-lanthorn at the main hatch, crying in a wild voice that the old eighteens had burst, killing half their crews and blowing up the gundeck above them.   ❋ Winston Churchill (1909)

Lets get an eighteener and skateboard all fuckin night. ❋ Dankdizzlezachmorris (2013)

At exactly 1:15 am a dad awoke his child and said, " Happy birthday. Its eighteen o'clock and starting right now your considered of legal age, whats your plans for the future ?" ❋ Jpg3 (2011)

That dude Row Eighteened it at work! I hear the receptionist is going to need therapy. I'm going to drink some Four Loko and start Row Eighteenin' it at the club tonight. I can't believe that guy just streaked through Wrigley Field and urinated on second base. He must have been sitting in Row Eighteen. ❋ Chindonya115 (2011)

Question: Did you watch Mad Men last night? That girl who plays Sally Draper was looking fine as hell. I'd love to tap that. Is she eighteen? Answer: She's eighteen enough. Reply: Hell yeah she is. ❋ Sir_Sloth (2014)

OMG I've seen them twice in concert and nothing beats them!!!!!! ❋ Stu (2005)

Why oh why did they have to break up? Please get back together Eighteen Visions! ❋ Black_Spade (2008)

1. I had sex with Brittany Spears and got Eighteen Years. 2. I feel you, I'm doing thirty-six years, myself. ❋ Buttfuckme (2021)

"I thought I was fucking a man when I saw her eighteen spoker." ❋ Jtron 3000 (2003)

"So last night I got with this girl and she had an eighteen spoker in her pants." ❋ Jtron 3000 (2005)

Her eighteen incher is the envy of all the men. ❋ Not Nichole~ (2005)

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